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The Bakers, the Cakers, the Fakers and the Frauds;
the Slacksters, the Wacksters, Banana Jihads.

You're all slipped pillow talkers and ice cream stalkers
that give plastic glove love with lotioned jaws.

It's nice to see you leave, there's no need for you to stay,
wanted like a crack baby on it's unborn birthday.

You're like bathroom floor splatter and spilled baby batter;
Washed up - Wasted - not even Tasted.

I saw your cousin callin, U ballin? U fallin?
You slippin? You trippen? Who's girlfriend you sniffen?

Sweet talk flies around you like pigshit on a biscuit.
You're a one stroke trapper, and a half-assed wac rapper.

Now... it's carried by haters, and spread by fools,
like that bready cracker bitch, with a swish, no rules.

He never touched wax, can't scratch, called a fraud,
by his closest boy toys, who ain't got no jobs.


This goes out to you.


Sherril Metal 2012



They say that I must release.

I try and try but it complicates me.

Different situations in life is what made me.

Thanking the almighty for what he gave thee.

Looking and searching for my soul to be saved.

Through the Trials & Tribulations I've become very brave.

My story is never ending.

Just take a listen and anticipate the next page.

Beast from out the cage.

Rage pumping in my veins.

I pray to thee everyday.

I don't understand why but they say to never ask.

Just keep striving for the better days.



DECEMBER 5, 2013 10:28 A.M..


by Dub Smith

Dedicated to the fathers that ever lost a so

Sun rise.

Smile bright.

Shining like light.

Warm and kind.

Didn't think I'd see my son go down before my time.

Sunset come, rest now the night grows cold.

Now the moon remembers you.

Like a dull pain in my soul..

Twelve Years Ago......


Six months ago I walked out

I started a new life without him, just me and my daughters

Being a single Mother

Doing it all, being their all

We are happier now but life is so damn hard



My daughters are my angels

They keep me grounded when need be and are my wings when I fly

I want them to be happy, to know they are loved

They deserve everything but

I can’t help but wonder if I am doing all I can – being all I can

I feel like I am losing ground – I feel like I am failing them



Everyone thinks I am doing so well

So, I guess I can act

Nobody knows how much of a struggle I am having

Nobody knows how many nights I have cried myself to sleep

My heart is stained with all the tears that have fallen



Someone tell me I can do this

Someone tell me I am doing just fine

Every night I slide into bed alone

I am so tired

The tears fall like rain

My heart aches, breaks

What am I doing?

How did I think I could do this all alone?



I wake up each morning thinking today will be better, somehow easier

Some days are but most are more of a struggle than not

I go without so they don’t have to

I hate not being able to give them everything they want

I laugh so they don’t cry

I hold them and tell them it will be fine, hoping I am not lying to them



One day the winds of change will turn in my favor

My girls will see everything is fine and not question it

I will cry tears of happiness not tears of sadness

My good enough will be just that

And one day I will not be all alone.​


Sherril Metal


I love you but I'm in love with her.
She excites me. She could be wifey.
Loving me daily. Holding me nightly.
She's my perfect melody.
My lyrics over a dope beat.
Attached she may be.
But her love for me runs deep.
Deeper than you could ever dream.
More than you will ever see.
My heart is open from the states to overseas.
12 years and running and I'm still at it. Her hand in commitment I'm trying to grasp it.
Hand in marriage I could be asking.
Back in time I could have had it.
My phone for what we had never lasting.
In my vision I see you clear.
3 feet away or even face to face.
Never knew I would react.
Not even the first words to say.
Love lost but now I've found it.
No more sorrow.
No more sinking in my tears and drowning.
Take me if you will in Holy Matrimony.
I'm not lost anymore and with you I'm no longer lonely.