January 2014

December 2013


F Rating from the BBB

Dozens of complaints and fines logged by CODE ENFORCEMENT

Their BAD ILLEGAL Behaviors conered by every news station in SA - Google them.

NO HEAT FOR THE SWEETS - January 15th ends Day #17 with No HEAT!

December 29th - I report another gas leak at our heating unit (the fifth one) to management and maintenance turns the gas off. Management says it will be fixed within two days. It's winter, we are in a cold front with freeze warning with temperatures in the 20's. It's seriously teeth chattering cold in my home.

Monday Jan 6th-

Update 11:45am 01/06 - management sent over a space heater - it was the first time they showed any concern or contacted me about the heater since they shut off the gas on December 29th. We have been living in 20 and 30 degree weather inside and outside our home. We are getting sick, gone through 200$ in firewood that we were forced to take out of our rent money cause that's all the money we have and now we are going to be late on rent and have to pay major late fees, and even two of my cats are sick sneezing their poor heads off. I can't do this anymore, I feel like I am letting my family down and not taking care of them and feel like I am being taken advantage of by the management here. They don't care, they have completely proven that by totally ignoring us. I suppose as long as they have heat in their homes they aren't concerned about anyone else.

Update 12:30 01/06 - Jacqueline Ortiz News 4 came out to try to help us and I will be on the 6 o'clock news

Here's the link to my story http://news4sanantonio.com//news/features/trouble-shooters/stories/mother-two-upset-over-heater-problems-142.shtml

Update 2pm 01/06 - United Apartment Group's manager Ivan Rivera asks News 4 to leave the property when Jacqueline asked him why I am going so long without heat.

Update 3pm - Code Compliance comes by and writes them up on three violations.

Update 3:10pm - Ivan calls to tell me I will have a heating unit installed today but I will have to call CPS to have them come out and turn the gas on.

Update 3:15 - the heating unit arrives and maintenance starts working to get the old one out and the new one in.

Update 6pm - the heating unit is installed, management takes back the space heater, and now we are waiting for CPS to inspect it and hopefully turn it on. Check out some pics of the horrible job they did installing the new heater. SMH. https://www.facebook.com/sherrilmetal/media_set?set=a.10201770026146383.1073741857.1053284282&type=3

Update 6pm - I have to stay home and not go into work at the radio station so I can wait for the CPS inspector.

Tuesday Jan. 7th-

Update 12am - CPS arrives, inspects it, and shuts it down. It had several issues, including gas leaks, and the gentleman from CPS advised me to call Code Complaince in the morning and do NOT use this heater at all. I call the maintenance emergency line at 12:10am, it's now 1:03am and no one has called me back.

Update 7am - Day #10 with no heat in freezing weather. At 8am I am calling code compliance and the lawyer. I just read the note Ivan gave to me yesterday and it is an eviction notice with intent to lock us out. It's dated January 5th and says it was posted on the inside of our apartment and that we will be locked out on the 8th which is tomorrow.

Update 2pm - The plumber arrives and tells me he is a plumber and not a heating guy and he's not sure if he can fix it. He has his handy gas detector gadget out and is inspecting the new heating unit... i can hear the alarm of the gadget going off. Gas leak. Surprise Surprise Surprise. not.

Update 2:30pm - Ivan and the plumber stepped outside to talk privatly... and the plumber gave Ivan a clean bill of health on the heating unit install. Though I heard the gas leak gadget going off with my own ears over and over, Ivan insists that it was not (he wasn't even here), that this heating unit was installed properly and that the maintenance man is EPA certified and everything is fine.

Update 2:45pm CPS arrives, inspected the unit, and he was so livid that he called the city inspector to come out who will be here this afternoon. I am so beyond pissed.

Update 4:45pm - The City Inspector just left... he was very disappointed with the way everything looked and pointed out all the things that must be repaired. Ivan said that Robert Cantu Plumbing is on the way to fix everything. The city inspector said that after this is fixed properly and inspected once again by CPS, then he will come out and inspect it again and, hopefully, clear it, and the building, to have the gas turned back on. Turns out CPS shut the gas off to the whole F building because no permit was ever gotten.

Update 6pm - I have to stay home and not go into work at the radio station so I can wait for the heating guys Ivan promised.

Update 7pm - Jacqueline Ortiz from New 4 called to check in on us. Needless to say she was saddened that we are still without heat. She told me to keep her informed of what goes on.

Wednesday Jan. 8th-

Update 6am - Day #11 it's COLD and WET and we are all really sick. My kitchen outlets stop working again.

Update 9am - Ivan stops by with two men, they look at the heating unit, and then they all leave.

Update 10:50am - Ivan arrives with a different set of gentlemen and he tells me that someone is down at the city right now getting the 80$ permit and then accept bids. Ivan also said the reason Robert Cantu Plumbing never came out is because Robert had a heart attack - Let us pray for Robert Cantu!!

Update 11am - maintenance is working on the kitchen outlets.

Update 1pm - Kitchen outlets are working again but now the outlets in the dining room blew as soon as I used the microwave. This is a joke right?

Update 1:10pm - a very nice gentleman who said he will be the man who is going to do the work came and and took a look at the heating unit install. Shook his head and said - they did this? I said yes. He said wow. I said i know. He said this is gonna be a lot of work. I said I got sandwiches and coffee, let's go. He said as soon as the permit is in my hand I can start.

Update 4:20pm - Ivan just told me that one of the first pairs of gentlemen that were here got the permit first. And he just told they will be here at 8am to start the work. At least it is being done by licensed professionals this time. He also offered me a 3 bedroom for 75$ more a month with a 199$ move in plus deposit, we would have to "requalify" and there's no guarantee we would would qualify. Pondering- what would happen if we didn't "qualify", would we then keep our existing apartment or be foreced to move out? hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Thursday Jan. 9th-

Day #12 No Heat for the Sweets.

Update 8am - I was washing dishes and the pipes under the sink let loose again and I was standing in another puddle of water.

Update 8:45am - Heating guy just arrived, but he doesn't have the permit with him and Ivan was very very insistent the the permit be taped to my wall before any work begins. I told the heating guy and he said it's all done by computer now and something something and it's ok. I emailed Ivan.

Update 12noon - Mickey found the permit online. I emailed the city inspector and asked him if it was ok, and he said in this instance it is fine cause he wants my family to have heat. Texas Cool Heating and Air Conditioning is doing a beautiful job and even had to put in a different new unit because the original new unit was damaged in the install.

Update 2pm - I emailed Ivan a copy of the permit, he printed it out and posted it on my wall.

Update 7pm - The new heating unit is installed. It looks great. Runs quiet and smooth.... AND IT MAKES HEAT!!!! Tomorrow the city inspector will come through to ok it, then CPS has to give their ok and then we can have heat! Thank you again to Texas Cool Heating & Air Conditioning for doing a fantastic job and leaving everything so clean. Call them first if you need repairs 972-793-5141.

Friday Jan. 10th-

Update 10:10am - Day #13 No Heat for the Sweets. Ivan came by and he called CPS to come give the green light. I hope they get here soon, it's already getting cold again.

Update 2pm - Code Compliance came by to check on things. Now we have to wait for CPS and the city inspector to give their OK's and THEN we can use the heating.

Saturday Jan. 11th-

CPS never came by yesterday so this makes Day #14 with no heat and there are two cold fronts on the way. I really hate this.

Sunday Jan. 12th-

Of course no one came by. Day #15 No Heat for the Sweets.

Monday Jan. 13th-

Praying this morning that the CPS and City Inspectors pass the unit before the next two cold fronts move through. It's supposed to get into the 30's again : ( Day #16 No Heat for the Sweets.

Update 4pm - Code Compliance stopped by to see if the heater was working properly. I had to tell him that I wouldn't know since I am not allowed to use it yet. He went to talk to Ivan then came back and told me that Ivan said CPS and the City Inspector should be out on Wednesday to inspect the heating system.

Tuesday Jan. 14th-

Day #17 No Heat for the Sweets : ( Thank goodness it's going to be in the upper 60's today, but tonight it will drop to the 40's. Boo.

Wednesday Jan. 15th-

Update11am - The City Inspector was just here. He inspected and The Heater Passed! Barring anything else, After #17 Days of mostly freezing weather in the 20's, 30's and 40's, we have heat again. We've had a few 60 degree days which has been a relief, but it's 55 degrees inside the house! Thank you Code Compliance, thank you CPS, thank you City Inspectors, thank you Ivan for finally acting like a real manager and pushing to get shit done... and THANK YOU Jacqueline Ortiz from New 4 for covering my story. Let's hope that United Apartment Group will step their game up.


I am not the only tenent in need.... there are many, and I hope my story helps. --Sherril

UNITED APARTMENT GROUP has an interesting reputation that I found out about when I hit the internet:


March 6th 2013 - KENS5 reported United Apartment Group put an 80-year-old woman on the streets becuase her CPS bill was past due. Is that legal? The corporate office told KENS5, "Our lease agreements are followed to the letter of the law and the letter of the law doesn't recognize age." - Thom Jesse, Regional Manager United Apartment Group.(http://www.kens5.com/news/Elderly-woman-put-out-on-the-streets-for-overdue-electric-bill-195718481.html)


Nov.27th 2012 - KENS5 reported a lesbian couple being severely harrased and attacked with hate crimes in a complex managed by United Apartment Group were refused to be let out of their lease (http://www.kens5.com/news/Lesbian-couple-fearful-after-gay-slurs-carved-on-apartment-doors-181051191.html). Sept. 10th 2013 - RippOffReport.com receives this complaint (http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/united-apartment-group/san-antonio-texas-78216/united-apartment-group-registered-scammers-san-antonio-texas-1083208).


The BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU gives United Apartment Group an "F" rating and cites 14 complaints (http://www.bbb.org/central-texas/business-reviews/property-management/united-apartment-group-in-san-antonio-tx-90086827).

I love where I live. The apartments are rustic and well done with thick crown molding, built-in shelves, huge artsy fireplace, and backyard.... but what I do not love is the management. United Apartment Group is the management company and when I Google them, i see nothing positive. This time last year they took over and dumped on us their self-proclaimed star manager, Ivan Rivera. November of last year was the first time we used our heater and to our discomfort, it wasn't working. There was too much of a gas smell and a burning smell. So after a couple days I reported it........

Back to my story: Ivan quickly stated that I must be crazy... there is no gas in my apartment because there is no gas in this complex. I insisted that I had a gas heater and that the water was heated by gas, but he dismissed me by telling me I was crazy and there was nothing he could do for me. For two weeks after, my family and I woke up throwing up every morning. I had enough and called CPS out to check the unit. Sure enough, not only did I have verifiable proof that I had gas... but my gas operated heating unit was leaking it and there was no vent exhaust stack so the fumes were being sucked up and distributed all over the house - we were suffering from carbon monoxide poisning. CPS red-tagged it and turned it off. I called Ivan, who was shocked and unapologetic. Maintenance came out and did a quick-fix, which failed in a week's time. It was 26 degrees that night, a feeze warning in effect, and no heat for my family for a week after that.


A year later, I emailed Ivan (his new form of communication) about a horrible gas smell outside of my apartment. He was too busy and going to lunch, and would be back in an hour and to check with him then. Knowing something was very wrong, I called CPS and the dispatcher prompted us to leave the house immediatly and not to turn anything off or on, not even the cell phone till we get outside, and she would send someone out ASAP. In ten minutes, CPS arrived and smelling the gas from the outside. Cautiously, he went inside. When he came out he said, "The gas leak was at explosive levels, and we were lucky to get out of there."


Dec. 29th: I hear a hissing sound from the unit and, sure enough, another leak and the unit has been turned off again. Ivan promises that we will have a new heating unit delivered to us within two days and to call him as soon as it arrives so he can have his plumbers install it. Well, the weather has been in the 20's and 30's and we get no help whatsoever. I know it's only been 5 days, but 5 days with no heat and it's 30 degrees or less outside... we have all been shaking, we are so cold, and now we are all getting sick.

Nov. 27th: the outlets in my kitchen stopped working and, though I have emailed repeatedly, they still are not fixed. Ivan's excuse - I email him on the weekends and so he doesn't fix anything. Like that makes sense? And the last email I sent was Monday Dec. 20th!

Nov. 30th: I email to complain about the security gates, which are supposed to be working daily, but have not been activated for use in months. They are not broken.... Ivan just turned them off. I want the security I pay for.


Last summer, Ivan took the rubber grips off the metal ladder in the swimming pool. Why he did that, no one knows, but I discovered it when I slipped and fell climbing up the ladder cracking my hip on the concrete ledge, and have not walked right ever since.

Also last summer, the electricity went out in my kids' room and stayed that way for 90 days! Even though I called and called and left message after message, nothing was done. Then I called code compliance, who fined them and made them fix it.

And let's not forget my being electrocuted by the stove in my kitchen, and the four floods in my living room from the kitchen pipes, and my cat being attacked by a neighbor's dog (which equaled a $500 vet bill), my shower that wouldn't turn off and the water poured out for a month totally molding my bathroom... other tenants have it just as bad too, and it's ridiculous. A hot water leak molded a bathroom so badly, it spread to the closet and molded a Coach purse, a Prada purse, a pair of shoes, and her vacuum. Ivan said, "Well, you don't have renters' insurance so I can't do anything for you...oh well!" Another tenant was experiencing a strange leak from the upstairs unit that would spew sewage and kitchen disposal waste through the light above her sink. Another tenant, whose leaky roof caused a huge bubble the size of her ceiling, lived with that eyesore for a year. I have had code compliance out twice, and I am calling again today.


If there is one thing United Apartment Group and their Peter-Principled lackys are consistant about...is its failure where tenants are concerned. Be wary, San Antonio renters.... if United Apartment Group runs it.... RUN AWAY!