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She's been on the scene for a few years now, and her inspiration and talent are never ending. Give your parties that edge... BODY PAINTING by Lesley. Book her for your events.

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@TWIGUTTA.... you are NOT THE FATHER!!! San Antonio's Twigutta reaches 7 million homes and they all fall in love!

Queerness in San Antonio is treated as, not much different from the queerness of other cities: Full of people believing they're finally getting the treatment of queers right, when they've merely touched the tip of the iceberg. Even other non-typical spectrum people tend to treat each other like total garbage. A cis* woman lesbian telling a lesbian trans woman she isn't a real woman, for example, is a regular occurrence in many queer circles, and San Antonio is no different. The culture and ignorance, and culture OF ignorance, vary little here in comparison to many cities, with some exceptions. That isn't to say San Antonio does not have a large queer community, or is simply queerphobic all across the board. San Antonio's queer culture is more reserved for those who fall under the binary of societal norms: Cisgender non straight people and binary transgender people are the media norm when discussing queerness, and, sadly, the media has a great ways to go to catch up.


The history of gender identity? Buried constantly, never discussed. Cultures that had multiple gender constructs prior to white colonization and enforcement of gender norms: What do you mean Egypt had three genders?


Much of the developed or developing world is in an odd phase when it comes to Queerness and its existence in the world. We're seeing, but we don't realize how much incredible struggle, history, and diversity there is within the concept of being non normative. Socialized gender, and how all gender is socialized, is just being discussed in more mainstream circles, as opposed to being a single thought from someone immediately deemed irrational. Many other issues also intersect the issues of queerness, such as misogyny. The struggle of all lesbians, for instance, is overshadowed in favor of the struggle of gay men. An act of misogyny, no doubt, until you look closer.


What you find: lesbians excluding other lesbians from lesbian circles... How can this be? Introducing: Transmisogyny, discrimination against trans women. Lesbian and other non straight trans women have been historically ejected from circles for years because of their bodies. Not only an act of transphobia, but an act against a woman for being a certain kind of woman. Gay men treating trans men like garbage in a similar transphobic way, and even going deeper, trans people excluding those who do not fit into the gender binary and christening them "Special Snowflakes" and "fakers" and "not really trans".


 Little do these people know that enforcing a strict narrative of existence is what brings everyone down. What I have to say about the queer community of San Antonio echoes what I have to say for many others: You're getting there, but we're not done yet.


*Cisgender: A person who agrees generally with the gender they were assiged at birth, and accept it as their gender identity.


Paloma Metal

staff writer

Congratulations to K Rino for being inducted into the Houston Music Hall Of Fame August 2014!

Congrats to our Founder!

Stalley talks to Tino Cochino about his new album, Chicken & Waffles!

So much is going on!


Congrats to all Tha1Radio's Tha1 Award Winners

Avar TheStar - Entertainment

Walter Perry- Community Advocate
Kevin Shandy - Youth Advocate
Karen Chattum - Arts
Danny QTz Green - Business
Bee Michele - Education
Tyera Harris- Youth Achievement
Anthony Cobbs - Angel of the year
Paula A.Monroe - Angel of the year
T Rochelle Guess - MVV


~Miss DEVSOUL made an announcement 11/06:

"Great news guys! I received a call the other day from a casting agent in Austin stating that I was selected for a background role on American Crime, a new tv drama on ABC! The show is scheduled to air early 2015 and is a very intense show about race, murder, and the ugly truth about our justice system. I am incredibly excited that God has OPENED this door! I will be the best ___________ they want me to be! Who knows... may end up on Scandal one day since this is an ABC production! Lol I meet with casting directors tomorrow in Austin and shoot all day on Monday starting at 7 am. So, which one of my Austin homies gon let me crash late Sunday night cause I don't know about getting up Monday morning and hitting that traffic lol! She is NOT a morning person!

And special thanks to The Legendary Will Steen. He doesn't know it but he is indirectly responsible for my submission weeks ago after he posted the casting call on FB! Muah! Emmy's on me! XO!"


~Mad One & Furthermore - Mathematics For Savages
San Antonio underground legend Mad One links up with producer Furthermore for this raw soul sample based tape.


~NEW MIXTAPE BY  L.I.L Pooh "Gotta Git It" Dropping Jan. 2015!


~He woke up to massive amounts of fan mail and MAURY Producers asked him to make them a" Maury Theme Song"!! @TWIGUTTA gave shout outs via social media to NBC / Universal‬ and their Producers for taking good care of him and M3liciouz, for letting him wear his TWIGUTTA shirt, pass out CDs and spin seconds of his video on national television. Good moves Twi!


~Download KARMA JONZE's single ‪#‎ByeFelicia‬ in ITunes NOW!!! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bye-felicia-single/id922720296


~Featured on the new A3C Vol. 4 Compilation from iHipHop Distribution, Kydd Jone's new single "Who Are You" features Oregon-born, Denver-based artist Cory Kendrix. Having performed at North By Northeast in Toronto and the Brooklyn HipHop Festival this year, Kydd is wrapping up his 2014 festival run as an official showcase performer for Atlanta's A3C Hiphop Festival on Wednesday, October 8th. His new album "GR33D" is scheduled for release late 2014.
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ihiphop-distribution/kydd-jones-who-are-you-ft-cory-kendrix


~Hard beats and hard rhymes; both have been core staples of Hip-Hop since the culture's inception. And while artists of today often circumvent this with gimmicks, an LP that combines the two cannot be denied. It's a simple formula that is and will always be effective. OG Penguin brings this formula to the masses on his upcoming LP, "CRY" Distributed thru legendary distributor Select-O-Hits and available on iTunes and Amazon. CONNECT WITH OG PENGUIN

Website: www.ogpenguin.com
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/ogpenguin


~For the second year in a row, this trio has made the Top 10 List at the Southern Ent. Awards or SEA's. --Miss Neka Cleaver, D Major and Sherril Metal-- are leading the way again in the 2015 Awards so be sure to Cast Your Votes! Last year they were the only entrants from San Antonio in the running, this year, they are joined by DEAD the POETS (for album of the year and group/band of the year), and DJ C I T I for club DJ of the year! Texas has some heavy representation for the 2015 awards like TOSIN, JUST BRITTANY, Michael 5000 WATTS amd MORE!!

Here is the link to vote and remember to vote TEXAS!!!


~MAD ONE is presently in the studio with Mick Popovich. Mick is a fabulous beat-maker and Wigg says Mick is bringing straight FIRE to their project! Wigg is also in the works with Ruler Why, Kizer Soze and looking to get a feature from Houston Legend K-Rino!! K-Rino was recently in The Urban Suite with D Major and you can check out the video footage on the Going South Magazine Youtube Channel!



~CONGRATS to Lisa Jackson, San Antonio's Superstar Publicist adds another notch to her diamond studded belt... MICHAEL 5000 WATTS is now being represented by LJP Media!!


~As part of the Weird City Fest, the First 3 day all hip-hop fest in Austin, SPYMC will be hosting his next Battle League battle event as part of the Fest!!! Click this to find out more


~Going South Magazine, The Urban Suite and Tha1Radio are now official sponsors of "Contents Under Pressure / CUP", and Mr. Composition's "Excuse My Graffiti" Fest!


~The Urban Suite radio show with your host D Major, will be exclusiuvly breaking Ruler Why Productions music in Texas. Thank you.


~Young Kada is feeling better and working on an album and a mixtape right now! FXCK CANCER!!


~LNS CREW Press Release:

Tank Washington (also known as Pacboi Tank) drops off his newest single, "Fast Life" produced by Cory Kendrix and featuring Dowrong of the LOEGz. Tank will be accompanying his younger brother Kydd Jones to the A3C HipHop Festival in Atlanta, Georgia as official showcase performers. Tank is also performing as part of LNS Crew at the inaugural Weird City HipHop Festival in Austin, TX on September 27th alongside acts like Dilated Peoples, Pharoahe Monch, Jean Grae & more!



OCTOBER  / 2014

P.E.A.C.E. Initiative, Main Plaza Conservancy & Dreamland Collective Present: 

Peace In The Plaza 2014

Event includes various nonprofits, local musicians and artists bringing awareness to Corporal Punishiment


  San Antonio, TX - Main Plaza Conservancy, PEACE Initiative, and Dreamland Collective extend an invitation to join community members at Main Plaza on Saturday, October 11th from 11AM to 5PM to lift up National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The free, family-friendly/non-alcoholic event features guest speakers, live music, kids activities, food, and information from some of SA’s grassroots community resource organizations all in the name of putting an end to domestic violence.   October is recognized nationally as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This year, Main Plaza Conservancy sponsors this official event and together with Dreamland Collective, The MPC and P.E.A.C.E Initiative will transform Main Plaza into a rally embracing men, women, and children with intentions of healing by modeling non-violence, honoring equality, magnifying the inherent power in women, respecting the prophetic role of our youth, and by offering the boys and young men of our city another way to live out their masculinity nonviolently.  Local talent leads our community song, filling our senses with live music from: Maya Guirao Project,George Garza, Aliens WITH Halos, Jeannette Muniz, Blend Phonetics and more.

Our theme this year is:

“Raising our Future, Not our Hand: A Call to End the Hitting and Spanking of Our Children”

   P.E.A.C.E. stands for Putting and End to Abuse through Community Efforts. 


 The mission of P.E.A.C.E. Initiative is to educate our community about the extent and often deadly consequences, of domestic violence and to respond effectively through collaborative partnerships. They offer education and training as well as services and programming specifically for men, past offenders, and the immigrant community. We want our children to know they are “Secure in the Heart of the City”  Dreamland Collective was started as a record label and art collective in 2014 as a means to provide a better sense of self-awareness through multiple artistic means of expression, including music, film, literature and the visual arts. Their mission is to encourage a positive artistic expression for the benefit of their community and to continuously motivate one another towards reaching their highest potential.  Main Plaza Conservancy is dedicated to providing San Antonio and its visitors with the cultural and historical “heart of the city,” bringing an awareness of family and community combined with history and heritage. Founded in 2007, MPC is committed to providing SA and its visitors with the historical and cultural heart of the city.  MPC is charged to create a community atmosphere that engages the city’s identity through a program of quality cultural programs, creating a public space that is family-friendly and accessible to all ages and all economic sectors.


For further inquiries or interviews, please contact Bryan Hamilton at 210-995-7377 or at bryanhamilton20@gmail.com.

“Raising our Future, Not our Hand: A Call to End the Hitting and Spanking of Our CP.E.A.C.E. stands for Putting and End to Abuse through Community Efforts.The mission of P.E.A.C.E. Initiative is to educate our community about the extent and often deadly consequences, of domestic violence and to respond effectively through collaborative partnerships. They offer education and training as well as services and programming specifically for men, past offenders, and the immigrant community. We want our children to know they are “Secure in the Heart of the City”  Dreamland Collective was started as a record label and art collective in 2014 as a means to provide a better sense of self-awareness through multiple artistic means of expression, including music, film, literature and the visual arts. Their mission is to encourage a positive artistic expression for the benefit of their community and to continuously motivate one another towards reaching their highest potential.  Main Plaza Conservancy is dedicated to providing San Antonio and its visitors with the cultural and historical “heart of the city,” bringing an awareness of family and community combined with history and heritage. Founded in 2007, MPC is committed to providing SA and its visitors with the historical and cultural heart of the city.  MPC is charged to create a community atmosphere that engages the city’s identity through a program of quality cultural programs, creating a public space that is family-friendly and accessible to all ages and all economic sectors.

For further inquiries or interviews, please contact Bryan Hamilton at 210-995-7377 or at bryanhamilton20@gmail.com.

Meet the Queen of H-town

- Just Brittany!

GSM: Congratulations on your nomination into two catagories, (artist of the year and performance of the year) at the Southern Entertaiment Awards. How honored are you?
JB: I feel more than honored to be recognized by the SEA team, I really didn't even know that what I was doing was being recognized, but this just shows me more that I have a lot more to work towards it and I'm thankful for it all.

GSM: When you were on-air with D Major and I last month, I was surprised when you started singing, your voice is gorgeous, who in your family influenced you the most musically?
JB: Thank you. Who in my family influenced me the most is my mom, and my godmother, they always taught me drive and ambition.  My mom was a performer so my sisters and I used to sit and watch her practice, and I kinda of picked it up, but I was the one singing around the house getting on everyone's nerve.. Lol 

GSM: Tell us about the geeky nerdy side of Brittany. What makes you laugh?
JB: A few people knows this, but I'm very goofy and I love to laugh. I try to laugh as much as I can because that's when I'm my happiest. I feel like a laugh is the best few seconds of your life ever. ;) 

GSM: The blessings and curses of being beautiful in the music biz. Is it a catch 22?

JB: As we all know it is a definitely a male dominated industry, it's a lot to take as a women to really push through and get the type of respect she deserves. So you are looked at like oh she's just fine, or she's just pretty, because the world today is so brainwashed. I'm not a rapper nor am I a singer, I'm an Artist ...let alone that... I Am A Brand.

GSM: Are we as women still fighting twice as hard in the music industry?
JB: Yes, you know why we are fighting twice as hard because we are fighting each other. We as women need each other and we have to work together more and show unity and that's what I'm doing. I'm linking up with women making music. The males, that's why they so powerful because they know how to move past small disputes and get to the things that make sense. We all just need to try Something Different. 

GSM: When you are warming up for a concert, who do you sing to?
JB: Ha! Good question depends on what mood I'm in. Sometimes I'll just focus on perfecting my words and sound, or I'll sing to whomever is in the audience at my rehearsal. 

GSM: We know what men find sexy on women, what does Brittany find sexy on a man?

JB: Answer: A mans confidence and authority is the sexiest thing he can wear!

GSM: Please give some shout outs:
JB: I want to shout out to my team #TheNarators CMoe, Crystal, Amber, Slim. Shoutout to my #BrittanyBangas!! Also if you haven't already go check out my brand new video Something Different video on Www.JustBrittany.com  & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUeS_XJH7Vg&sns=tw NOW! 

Thank you for this interview, I appreciate it.

IG | QueenJustBrittany
Twitter | ItsJustBrittany 
FB/ QueenJustBrittany

Crew54 Does the Weird City Hip Hop Festival!

May 2014




Wonderful local hip hop emcee KADA PIERCE needs our prayers and support right now, he just found out he has cancer.


Who in the Tone is related to J. Prince?


"I knew we had the same last name but when I started looking into my family history I found out we are deep! We had a town named Princeville that is now a part of Gonzalez Tx., we established the first woman's college in Texas and I found out we originally came from California and moved down here."


It makes sense to me as Kevin Prince, in my opinion after listening to Grafitti the Mind 10 times and watching this young man grow up musicaly for a few years, that this is San Antonio's most talented young emcee. Period. Wesley & J - congrats on having another talented extention of the Prince Family!


What is the Genre of Richie Branson's next project?

It's still a secret, but we will let you all know asap!


Young Cadillac wants to put an End to Child Abuse in San Antonio!

Local veteran rapper Young Cadillac wants to see the chains of child abuse broken. He has taken a stance, spoken a vow and is in full action! Saturday July 5th at the Cage Basketball Court at Frank Garrett Park in San Antonio Cadillac is raising awareness with a FREE EVENT that will have FREE BBQ, Drinks, Family Projects, People to talk to and more. And in one short week Cadillac will be appearing before the District 1 Community Meeting! He is on the agenda and will speak directly to the city leaders asking for their support!


Who is doing Brittany BETTER than Brittany? Pha the Phenom Holds the key and her name is MELAT! If you have not heard this mind haltingly attention grabbing diddy then click here and put that in your ears.



G-jet's upcoming schedule:

5/3- OKC

5/10- Marble Falls

5/17- Austin

5/24- Denton

5/31- Austin

6/20- Lubbock



#KeepLiving #CarpeDiem

5/7/2014 The EASTPOINT Community Meeting yesterday was inspiring. Many, if not all, felt it. D Major and I attended representing Tha1Radio.com, your Eastside radio station. It felt great, until D Major and I left the meeting and started driving around the neighborhood. We passed by one house that he knew well when it was looking much different than it is now... abandoned and broken down horribly. Many of the homes were like this. How did this happen? How did this area become so forgotten? I really wanted to know, so I went to Mr. Eastside himself Walter Perry, who was also at the EASTPOINT Community Meeting yesterday.


GSM: How did the Eastside get SO forgotten?


WP: Politics and neglect. ..but many people moved to the NE and elsewhere. Crime and lack of places to shop also is a big factor.


GSM: NE like Sunrise?


WP: Fm 78...and other suburbs.


GSM: When did the courts get closed down?


WP: Last year I believe.


GSM: Do you think that was a good move? Should they have been refurbished without moving the families out?


WP: Maybe at the time because crime was out of control during the 90's then the '98 flood forced the rest...


GSM: What would you like to see happen with the development of Eastpoint and what are you afraid might happen?


WP: What I want is already happening. ..becoming more involved in helping people. .I'm not afraid because it will all work itself out. Time has taught us this much.

Rest in Paradise LOSER of the Laws Crew

L.I.L Pooh - "Feel Me"

'Graffiti The Mind' dropped May 2nd and if you have not heard it yet be prepared for a rich hip hop experience! Ruler Why from the ATX composed all the beats and produced the album, and, by the way the beat and the emcee meld, you can tell these two put an incredible amount of themselves into it. Tracks #2 and #9 are my personal faves, and track 8 weighs heavy on my heart because my first love and I went through similar and it ruined us too. Read Mr. Composition's Fabulous Review in The San Antonio Current! His video "Expendables" has been blogged on hhrfd.com, iamqueenbobbi.com, allunsigned.com, 360urban.tumblr.com, youheardthatnew.com, brainofbmw.com, hiphopsince1987.com, allthatdopeshit.co.uk & theprezshowlive.com, GoingSouthMagazine.com and others! Bring this beautiful music into your home today!

CONGRATS to 90.1FM KSYM for winning the "Radio Station of the Year" award from the San Antonio CURRENT'S Best Of 2014, and they were in the Top 10 running for "Radio Station of the Year" at the 2014 Southern Entertainment Awards!

Tha1Radio supports the community every day. From our "Give Backs" to our fundraisers for community members in need, Tha1Radio is there for you.


Thank you to The United All Foundation for such an awesome recognition award!!!


My first video footage of SAME DIFFRNC!! 4/24/2014

Catch up with TINO COCHINO www.TinoCochino.com

South Sil - keeping the roots of Screw alive.

IRome's long anticipated

album release

May 13th 2014

Dj 750 (formerly Dj Ghost) is dropping volume after volume of his new series POLAR RADIO! Check them out!

JUNE 2014

Dropping THIS Summer!!!

Twigutta is back at it with another one! Grab this when it drops!!

"Grown Man Convo" real music from San Antonio emcee Gabe Locc. Gabe wrote "On my new project ‪#‎CLASSIC,‬ I will expose every layer of my myself." For his fans this is a special moment because we all know how closed off Gabe Locc can be. This local superstar doesn't share a lot of his life with the public. So personally, I am one fan that is going to be taking this ride over and over so I can get to know Gabe Locc better.

OG Penguin's newest work "Money Ova Bitches" is a 12-track LP packed with dark raw rhymes and crisp, soulful production.

Classic NOVACANE as Novi Soprano!

Available NOW just $7!!

We'll have Aura in The Urban Suite Very Soon!

"Re-Introducing Aura Self - of the BlackNote collective, here is a Track off our next project "Words Vs World" - ( illusions ) - Produced by Aura as well, mix/Mastered and finalized by @ReedsBn - This is truly a special project, I can say ...one of the craziest -mind boggling, conscious hard-core experimental hiphop collection of works that I've had the pleasure to work on. We are currently in the finalizing stages, release date will soon be announced along with further details. You can sample the track and ALL BN music at the link bellow .. peace, love, light, and inspiration."



Who's in The Urban Suite this month with D MAJOR?
MONDAY JUNE 9th Mr.Composition and Jackie Venson!
MONDAY JUNE 16th Cmack, Toofpick Will and Avar TheStar!
MONDAY JUNE 23rd Nate McGarity G Clef, Certified Luva, Niki Symone & Alvin Perry!!
TUNE-IN Monday Nights for THE URBAN SUITE 6 to 10pm cst only on @Tha1Radio  www.Tha1Radio.com
Then tune-in Tuesday through Friday 6 to 10pm cst to D MAJOR and SHERRIL METAL as they bring you R&B, Neo Soul, Reggae, Jazz, Hip Hop and more... @Tha1Radio WE SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!

JULY 2014

Are you Pluggd In with Lil' Aubrey?  Here's "Plugged In" #1 featuring Spark Da Beast!!



After performing at the A3C Best In Show at NXNE, Kydd Jones returns to his hometown of Austin, Texas and celebrates the recent anniversary of the legendary Texas anthem "June 27th Freestyle" by dropping a rare freestyle on Soundcloud. Kydd's next performance will be at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival opening for Raekwon and Jay Electronica on Saturday, July 12th. His upcoming album, "GR33D," is set for release later this year.




Boulder, Colorado producer Kristofer Artz a.k.a. Kommon Interests, presents his new single "I'm For You, You're For Me", out now on San Antonio, TX. label 2Kobras. Artz has shared stages with Dada Life, Bingo Players, DVBBS, The M Machine, Kill Paris, HeRobust, Revolvr, Reid Speed, Minnesota, G-Jones, Late Night Radio, K Theory, Singularity, TYR, Bones, Seth Abrumz and AViVA. Kommon Interests released his first album In The Moment last year via Beatport. "This song is not a love story but more a connection t hat brings people together through the most universal sense, sound," says Kristofer. "People need people in order to live. You're for me, I'm for you."

APRIL 2014


It's a stunning story fam... a motorcyclist thrown ten feet in an accident, barely hanging on, and South Sil, literally, helped to save his life. South Sil, one of our local hip hop artists, will be coming into the studio to share his story with us Monday April 21st in The Urban Suite on Tha1Radio. Tune-in 7 to 10pn cst www.tha1radio.com or DL the free custom app.

Congrats to the Red Prodigy Crew who won First Place at the Coast2Coast Showcase at SXSW!!!

Out of 44 different acts, they were #1 Stand Up San Antonio!!!


CONGRATULATIONS to Maserati Marcus for Winning the Maschine Masters Havoc Placement Challenge!! Read about it over here!

Add this to your collection NOW!


Shit Is REAL!



One of our favorite emcee's of all time, DYNASTY, won Best Video for "Stay Shinin" directed by Darryl Richardson, and Best Female Artist at the Az1 Awards! Congrats also to Eturn was also nominated for Best Female Artist! Eturn was recently on stage in San Antonio at Fitzgerald's and she was fuking incredible... peep the Going South Mag Youtube Channel for video footage!!!

Coming to Itunes in April...

Women Of Hip Hop

by Christina 'Crystyle' Porter

Hip Hop lover and radio personality at Tha1Radio.com


March 31, 1988 I became Hip Hop. Hip Hop is my culture, my love, and my heartbeat. Things don’t go well with Hip Hop and me sometimes, but the good outweighs the bad. I grew up with positive women that taught me how to respect myself and never let anyone take advantage of me. Male rappers are more dominate than female rappers in the Hip Hop industry, and it's time for that to change. As women, we hold a powerful position in life. We give birth, take care of our youth, and provide love. We bring life to male rappers. We are Hip Hop. From our intelligence, to our looks, and our capability to walk in a room with every head turning towards us, is what gives us power in Hip Hop. Name one Hip Hop album that doesn’t talk about women. Take your time, I’ll wait.


This is not to bash male rappers for their explicit sexual lyrics about women. Hell I love to squeeze a nice booty myself, and, I’m addicted to strip clubs. Honestly, this is a message to all my women out there to take over the game harder than the men. Be more ruthless with your masterpiece of lyrics. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do, and how to live out your dreams. Dream bigger than the galaxy. Be universal. Be the orbit everyone rotates around because you wear the crown.


MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Lady of Rage, Lil Kim, Da Brat, and Missy Elliot are female rappers I grew up. They demanded respect by all means. Their creativity is what made them the best female emcees in the game. Yes ladies, we can put of a pair of heels, make-up, and a nice outfit that shows off every single curve from head to toe. Any woman can do that, including men. What makes you stand out in a crowd? Confidence is key. The heels, make-up, hair, and outfit are bonuses. Creativity is key. You can’t buy creativity at the corner store. (Well, in today’s time you probably can, but it wears off like a perm in the middle of August.) Originality is key. One thing I am sick of, is seeing the same lame ass wanna-be rappers, all looking and rapping the same. Stop it! Be yourself. Like I said, heels, make-up, hair, and outfits are bonuses. Confidence, creativity, and originality are the ingredients to success.


It doesn’t matter where you come from in life either. I’m a small town girl from Indiana that grew up with majority white people and cornfields. My town was so small the college I went to had a radio station that played Hip Hop only on weekends. Yes, Hip Hop only on the weekends. In the late 90’s my mom’s boyfriend worked at that radio station. I was 10 years old when I decided I wanted to be in radio. Growing up the black kids clowned on my weight, thought I acted white, and would make feel like an outcast. White kids thought I was too loud and too proud of my ethnicity. In 2006 I went to college in my hometown. From 2007 to 2012 I was the hottest radio personality in my town and still am to this day. I’m ya girl Crystyle baby! I followed my dream and I’m still chasing it! Now I’m a radio personality for Tha1Radio in San Antonio, Texas. Don’t chase anyone who promises you what belongs to them... Grind to get your own!


I am Hip Hop. I am beast at what I do. To all my women out there who live and breath Hip Hop, speak your mind like never before. You can do anything you put your mind to. Now let's take over the universe!

Groove Ology's

NerdMuzik Fundraiser

Discover Blacknote Records....

Drop some Vi//zine in those eyes....

NEW from Marques Callaway!

The After Hours Album coming Soon!!

MARCH 2014

Congrats to the Red Prodigy Crew who won First Place at the Coast2Coast Showcase at SXSW!!!

Out of 44 different acts, they were #1 Stand Up San Antonio!!!


Video footage from the AWOL ONE Show 3/12/2014

March 5th, 2014

Royal King Minus' "All Hail"


Here I must go again on my rant for some more new music. 2014 is the year for the final take off of good music. You all know what it is like to blast music and just keep it real. When it comes to this music and the album and what your used too. Just think of this album from Royal King Minus as the first installment of a three part series, like different volumes, levels of music enjoyment. Sometimes you don't think of what other people will think of your music.You may not even care to know what your enemies think, the ones who are jealous cause you have made music and proud of it. There maybe many blind spots in America with today's music, the biggest knowledge of hip hop, rap, etc. But music today some of us may not see it as a haven for all genres, and generations. But music is the life, the focus that keeps us moving and grooving. There are so many different artists out there, so many locals, so many big time artists that all have new music for all to listen.


The question is who is the first or best shooter that can bring the soundtracks into the spotlight. All musicians carry out a classic action line of beats, vibes, and music for enjoyment. Who is the best, who is on the top charts right know? Who is the next musician to come out with the next album? It is all in your minds, your the judge, your the one who can decide who is the next best and who is on top of the charts. But yet again I got another great album, another great feature, and some dope sounds for you. Not even into the third month of 2014 and I have another album for your enjoyment.


Enough talk about this new music from Royal King Minus, let me share the basics of what I know first hand, I got to listen to this album, and has unique sounds, and some dope beats... A few or my favorite are 5 am, cause 5 am is the best time to do some writing of awesome songs when you can't sleep. Ice is another good one, and Try Me is my favorite.


So there is another great album for your 2014 enjoyment, and don't take my word for it but by all means check it out RIGHT HERE, and with out a doubt we I can't forget the awesome talent behind all the hard work and dedication of making this album a true success. Voodoo Chyld (Audio Forensicks), GrooveOlogy, Spook Doc, Cenergy, FLG Beats & Theme have worked hard. So do yourself a favor, and take a few minutes out and give this album a listen, and show some support for to all the people who put this album together. ALL HAIL THE KING!


contributing writer

Jenn Nala Princessess

Sweet Bennie Ray ft. Bonefied - "Choose Up"

What is a copyright?

by Keith Hatschek on March 24, 2011


According to attorney Don Passman’s authoritative book, All You Need to Know About the Music Business, a copyright is a "limited duration monopoly." When the founding fathers first established copyright in intellectual property, the term of that exclusive control was fourteen years. Since that time, copyright duration has been extended, to the point that today, once you properly register your song’s copyright, you and your heirs will have exclusive control of it for your own life, plus seventy more years.


While most songwriters or their publishers copyright a song and register the copyright with the Library of Congress (LOC), due to the way the law is written, a copyright actually exists the moment you fix your song in any tangible medium. So by recording it, writing out a lead sheet, or simply typing out the lyrics and printing them, you have created a tangible copy and at that moment in time, your song is protected by copyright.


So why bother to register your new song with the Library of Congress? Because until such time as it is officially registered as a new work with the LOC, you have some, but not all of the various protections that copyright law provides.


The first and most important result of registering your song with the LOC is that a permanent and unequivocal date of copyright registration is established. Should your song be used without your consent, this date will be used by a court of law to affirm that the use or unauthorized adaptation occurred after you registered your song. Such unauthorized use is commonly referred to as an "infringement."


Once your song has been registered, the full weight of copyright law can be used to protect your song, should it be used unlawfully. Penalties for using a copyrighted work without permission can be substantial, running anywhere between $750 and $30,000 for each infringed work. If a defendant willfully infringed, that is, he or she knew your song was protected by copyright, statutory damages can rise to $150,000 per infringed work.


One more benefit of registering your song is that if you have a valid LOC registration for your song and the court decides in your favor, the infringing party will likely have to pay your legal fees in addition to whatever statutory damages are required.


A copyright owner’s five exclusive rights Once you have a song that you’ve registered with the LOC, you have the foundation to exploit your song to earn money. Song copyright owners enjoy the same five exclusive rights that any author of a novel, screenplay, painting, poem, or other intellectual work has. These include the right to exclusively:

1. Reproduce the work

2. Distribute the work

3. Perform the work in public

4. Allow a derivative work to be made

5. Display the work in public (applies mostly to visual media and artwork)


Anyone making unauthorized copies without a copyright owner’s permission, distributing unauthorized copies, using a sample without permission, or allowing performance of the work in public without proper payment of public performance royalties is in violation of one or more of these exclusive rights.


In practice, songwriters will often assign their song’s copyright to a music publisher in order to maximize the revenue opportunities. It then becomes the job of the publisher to develop as many licensed uses of your song as possible. Such uses may include cover versions of your song; placements in TV, film, and video games; use of your song in a commercial, greeting card, or on a compilation album. In exchange, the songwriter will normally share the revenue 50-50 with the publisher. Whenever your song is performed on radio or TV, it generates a public performance royalty that the three U.S. Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) – ASCAP, BMI, SESAC – monitor and then collect a royalty on the behalf of the songwriter and publisher. Each writer may only affiliate with one of the PROs.


Song vs. Master copyrights.

Prior to 1972, the recording of your song was not protected by copyright, although the underlying musical ideas, usually represented by the lyrics and music that made up your song, were covered. At that time, Congress changed the law to extend copyright protection to sound recordings. This meant that for artists signed to one of the major record labels, the sound recordings they made in the studio usually became the property of the record label, based on the fact that in almost all cases, the label bankrolled these master recordings.


Record labels quickly realized these master rights represented a new stream of royalty income and began to exploit them. When you hear an original recording of a Motown classic such as "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" by Marvin Gaye in a motion picture, Motown/Universal has granted a master license to the filmmaker, while the songwriter’s publishing company, in this case Stone Agate/EMI Music Publishing, granted a song license to use the music in the film. So in this way, a recording of a song has two copyrights simultaneously existing: one in the underlying song, a second in the master recording of that song.


For the DIY band that has released its own album, they can simply send in a copy of their finished album to the LOC and register both the songs and the master recordings to receive full protection. Then, if a filmmaker wishing to use their song were to contact the band, they would be in a position to request a license fee for both the song use AND the master use, assuming the budget allowed for such fees. In practice, the filmmaker might have a limited budget, but remember that if you own your song and your master recording, you actually hold two distinct copyrights.


Licensing lingo.

In the world of music licensing, there are various types of music licenses, each of which is referred to by one of more common terms. It makes sense to learn these basic terms so that if you are speaking with a music publisher or anyone wishing to use one of your songs or master recordings you are starting from a common point. Here are four of the more common terms used in music licensing.


Mechanical License.

This is the permission to use your song to record, manufacture, and distribute a new sound recording of your song. Even if you are recording your own song for a record label, under the terms of your contract, the label will need to secure a mechanical license before making the records and offering the song as a download. (Yes, downloads count as a record and as such, the publisher or songwriter must give advance permission to distribute or sell a song online.) Mechanicals, as they are frequently referred to, are audio-only licenses.


Synchronization License.

Any use of your song in support of a visual medium is a synchronization (or synch, for short) license. When you hear a song used on a TV show or motion picture, a synch license was secured to pay the publisher for that use. Depending on the importance of the song in the context of the film or TV series, such licenses may generate tens of thousands of dollars shared by the publisher and writer.


Blanket License.

Ever wonder if Queen earns a royalty when you hear "Bohemian Rhapsody" blaring over the sound system at your local bowling alley on Rock ‘n’ Bowl night? They do. The three PROs typically secure annual agreements with any business or venue that features music playback or performance as part of its operations. The cost for such blanket licenses varies depending on the size of the venue and typical audience size. For example, the blanket license fees paid by Madison Square Garden to use music during a NBA basketball game will be proportionally higher than your local bowling alley pays. But both types of venues help add to the songwriter and publisher’s revenue streams when a song is frequently played.


Master License.

This is the license needed to use a master sound recording in any commercial setting. Record labels often control most masters performed by top artists as they invested the money to record them in the first place. However, more bands are deciding to take the totally independent route, which will often result in the band retaining the master rights for their sound recordings. When such a band gains enough notoriety to attract the interest of a TV or film music supervisor, they may be in a position to profit from granting a master license and a song license if they also wrote the song in question.


Note: This article does not offer a complete explanation of music copyright and licensing matters. It’s best to get the advice of an experienced entertainment attorney or music licensing expert before entering into any binding music license agreement.Read more: Copyright basics: rights, licensing lingo,


2/12/14 Going South Magazine caught up with Ricky Ortiz, founder of ThatRaw.com www.ThatRaw.com and the genius behind Ice JJ Fish! **Check out the awesome report by J.T. Street @streetscorner on KABB FOX 29 News, San Antonio!!!! http://www.foxsanantonio.com/news/features/streets-corner/stories/streets-corner-local-production-company-helps-icejjfish-floor-341.shtml#.Uv0ZI85m3vA


GSM: San Antonio is a weird creature. Were you prepared for the amount of hate you got? Were you surprised? This is all nuts!


RO: Just trying to handle the Fish craze, thank you for your support! I'm not surprised at the amount of hits it got, but I am surprised at all the negative attention I'm getting.


GSM: Is @IceJJfish accepting bookings?


RO: Fish and I are not on good terms and he's not very easy to work with let alone get in contact with to set up any type of business.


GSM: What's the worst piece of hate mail you received so far?


RO: A death threat? Lol I think the general idea that we' re responsible for making San Antonio look bad on a global platform. Apparently 98.5 is upset about it. But you know how radio is, they criticize me. But how often do they do something good that holds weight in the city?


GSM: <~~ choking on the irony --- 98.5 is upset? They freaking play C Murph. You are the creator of ThatRaw.com?


RO: Lol, the c murph comment. Yes I am the creator/owner of thatraw.com


GSM: I am looking through it, it's great, how long have you been producing it?


RO: About 2 years now. But the first year was very limited involvement. We literally blew up overnight this year. Since December we've skyrocketed our traffic from 5,000 monthly visitors to 100,000 a month.


GSM: Wow! Was that caused by JJ?


RO: No we had already reached 50k in December, when we released Fish's video that we made, it boosted both of our traffic x10. He only had 250k views on YouTube for his most popular video, the ones we released put him in the millions.


GSM: That's huge for San Antonio, people should be VERY pleased with your marketing. Have you gotten increased inquiries for marketing and promotions?


RO: Tons! It's a bit overwhelming at the moment. But there are some inquiries that are very promising.


GSM: That is wonderful!!! Tell me about That Raw, I am a new reader... what can I expect?


RO: Entertaining content! Funny videos, hot models, and dope artists... Even funny artists like IceJJFish!


Well I am a believer. Head to www.thatraw.com folks and get a dose of this good good stat..

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Always Like Fam.

This sucks, it wasn't his time to go. I remember Hooligan Boyz from way back in my SA Urban days and they were local faves back then. The benefit concert flyer is below.

"Yeah, definitely not time, I'm still in shock." says Frank Russell, friend and former Hooligan Boyz member.  "I'm glad I had the pleasure of working with them. We did a lot together through this music, and, outside if it. Miguel was a very good person. Ever since I met them, all we did was look out for each other. I can honestly say without them, I might not have half if the things I have. Each member has helped me get up when I was down and out. I met them when they were making the Grind 2 Shine album I got on Money, Ain't a Problem, Thank God for the Block and some others."


Frank posted on FB 2/3/2014:

"Here at work just thinking I feel like I been thru every emotion my mind wont stop I cant believe my boy is gone we helped each other out with music broke bread together stole a few females from each other lol We definitely had some bad ass times together and we received and showed love everywhere we went repping that 210. This one is going to hurt a while. RIP Miguel Silva MIG".





San Antonio Hip Hop artist C MACK speaks with Heather Jackson Kztv 10 about the loss of MIG.

Kyle Lee via Facebook 2/3/2014

"At 430 am Saturday morning in Corpus Christi, I left my hotel room to go down stairs to get some munchies, while goin down the elevator I passed cop after cop, 10min later the medics passed by me with a guy on a stretcher pumping his chest and trying to get him to breath! At that time I had no idea it was San Antonio's own Miguel Silva of the Hooligan Boyz, I was the last person to see him alive! Rest In Peace..."

San Antonio will respectfully miss you MIG.


We asked - Is the Black-Owned Businesses movement still important and why? Is it still vital to the Black community?


You responded -


Derrick McKinney - L.O.U.D. Music, Houston

"Yes they are very important. Its important now more than ever. For so many years african american kids were taught to go to school & get a good job. We were never taught ownership. Thats a shame. So many of our parents felt like having a job meant you were stable. Ownership is stability to me. Once we discuss ownership, we have to discuss support in the same conversation. We must promote supporting black owned business as well. It has to be a complete conversation. Black owned businesses must make sure that we are providing the best customer service possible & deliver on the service we promise. The #1 complaint w/ black owned businesses is the service is terrible or the attitudes the employees have. There are several conversations that must be had in regards to black owned businesses, but at least there is a conversation about it."


Potent Tai - Hip Hop Artist, ATX

"Yes, they are very important to the economy especially if one of their goals is to help create opportunities for minorities that are unfortunately scarce in today's society. Creating jobs and giving back can never be a bad thing!"


Jamien Green - Music Lover, ATX

"Of course now more than ever! With more and more states getting rid of "Affirmative Action" laws the job market in our community is in a poor state and will continue to get worse unless we take control of our dollar. Having worked for several different bigger marketing and media companies, the stereotypes about how our community spends its dollar are real and are to be taken seriously. I've seen firsthand how other communites (Asians, Whites, etc.) recycle their money within their communities thus making them stronger and more powerful. We have to take advantage of the same opportunities they used to start businesses, education, saving, making smarter financial decisions in terms of understanding how money works. We have to get out of a state of complaining and start taking a position of action, its key to our survival of our culture and our community and our respect as people."


TRIZZOL - Hip Hop Artist - world wide

"For certain communities they are. If its a community where there's not a lot of black owned businesses, yes highly important. But with the success and growth we as African Americans have had over the last 20+ years, a black owned business, or black CEO, or even a black president aren't as uncommon anymore. Sole proprietorships no matter race, are what's important for the community."


J STARR - Producer, R&B Artist, Musician, San Antonio

"They are to me but we don't support each other. "


Bennie Tate - Vice President of Sober Water, Florida

"They are important however we have seen an extreme decline in them, and I think a lot of it has to do with us not supporting one another in business ventures. Black people would rather go make a white person rich than to put money into another black persons pocket. Our communities would be much stronger if we supported one another also."


DOPAMEAN Brick - Rapper, San Antonio bwo Maryland

"Hell yea. They will always be important I think it's important for every group of ppl to own their own shit ESP Mexican and African Americans in the U.S.."


DELSHAWN - Space Travelor

"They r in sertain kommunitiez But the ?ueztion should B "r Amerikan Bizz's still important", wit all the outsourzing overseas, how long will it B B4 no pure Bread Red Blooded Amerikan will have a joB"

Click to play.

For more concert videos check out Going South Magazine's Youtube!!

Hi Sherril, I support Nicole because I personally know her well, and, know that overall, She's the only one who is really qualified for the job. She's a School Teacher, Civil rights attorney, small business owner and hard working Mother. Every day She does something to better the lives of Others also. Real down to earth chick, She's no push over either, She will fight for you. She helped out my family on multiple occasions.




The Falls' Present The 8th Annual San Antonio Music Awards Nomination Ballot 2013/14 <--click there, is LIVE NOW SO GO VOTE!!! Nominate your Favorite band, artist, & musicians! Top 10 Nominations will make the voting ballot on March 1st! Stay Tuned!

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Pictures & Videos from the Loud Mouth Down South Battle League Super Bowl / Ras Kass & Copywrite Concert created and hosted by @SPYMC !!!

Pictures from the fundraiser event at Copa Lounge taken by Toofpick Will of #B.I.B.

How does it feel to get your 15 minutes of fame... THIS way? January 16th, a man wearing a Skyline hoody, walked into a Valero, and robbed it. We spoke to Baby Jesus, one half of the creative duo behind Skyline Hoddies.


Who came up with the skyline design and what was the inspiration behind it?

Me and my partner came up with the idea a little over a year ago.... we just wanted something to rep the city! We feel like its time for San Antonio to make its mark! Honestly we are suprised about the response it has recieved.


It's brilliant branding, with incredible well thought out designs and I love the bexar!

That's my partner, Ceo T-Class, with the branding, he's been doing it for a while... I do the design. We have only been doing the hoodies since October. We just design stuff we wanna wear so hopefully it will help unite the city a little! Check out their FaceBook!





January 2014

GSM: Over 390,000 views, it's featured on WSHH and still there is hate. What do you have to say to the haters and what do you have to say to the supporters?


TWI: No response to the haters, too many obstacles and goals to be accomplished... Look at the numbers, people are enjoying the music... #WSHH was a great experience for the critics, good and bad... San Antonio has a different sound in Texas, just as well as Houston, Dallas, Port Arthur, Corpus Christy & Austin... Some similarity in sound developing, just a more lyrical & metaphorical state takes place in certain citie's sound. But, it's all "Texas" Music. World Star Hip Hop has also, has brought me more out of town shows and exposure... Different labels, A&Rs, producers & other artist have reached out... Magazine companies, internet media site, Dj's and etc... S/O 2 the people that support & sharing the music with the world. Be on the lookout for "The Arm & Hammer Mixtape" (All Original) dropping 2/27/14. Contact / Booking Info: TWIGUTTA  (210) 584-4384


Pastor McIntyre Presents

New Method Church

1502 E.Crockett this Sunday at 6pm - celebrate the East Side's newest church!


AWDAZCATE & Dead the Poets at "The Urban Suite LIVE" at Limelight 12/28/2014!


A beautiful peace from CORE the Emcee of Gameface Entertainment in San Antonio Texas. Woman we love you we miss you.... an incredible tribute.

Truth Music from Henry Havoc. Click there to get his music --->

Opening in September, the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts will become a go-to source for live entertainment in San Antonio. With three state-of-the-art performance spaces and performances ranging from opera to dance, symphony to rock/pop concerts, the Tobin is planning something for everyone!

<--- Brand new Timeless music from KP Tha Profit!! Click there to get it!