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San Antonio's newest PediCab!

Tell them D MAJOR sent you!


She's been on the scene for a few years now, and her inspiration and talent are never ending. Give your parties that edge... BODY PAINTING by Lesley. Book her for your events.

Pastor McIntyre Presents New Method Church

1502 E.Crockett this Sunday at 6pm - celebrate the East Side's newest church!


Opening in September, the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts will become a go-to source for live entertainment in San Antonio. With three state-of-the-art performance spaces and performances ranging from opera to dance, symphony to rock/pop concerts, the Tobin is planning something for everyone!

GSM: Over 390,000 listens, it's featured on WSHH and still there is hate. What do you have to say to the haters and what do you have to say to the supporters?


TWI: No response to the haters, too many obstacles and goals to be accomplished... Look at the numbers, people are enjoying the music... #WSHH was a great experience for the critics, good and bad... San Antonio has a different sound in Texas, just as well as Houston, Dallas, Port Arthur, Corpus Christy & Austin... Some similarity in sound developing, just a more lyrical & metaphorical state takes place in certain citie's sound. But, it's all "Texas" Music. World Star Hip Hop has also, has brought me more out of town shows and exposure... Different labels, A&Rs, producers & other artist have reached out... Magazine companies, internet media site, Dj's and etc... S/O 2 the people that support & sharing the music with the world. Be on the lookout for "The Arm & Hammer Mixtape" (All Original) dropping 2/27/14. Contact / Booking Info: TWIGUTTA  (210) 584-4384

November 2013

Trizzol (AudioRenegades) is on location in Seattle Washington for his video shoot featuring Kentron King

Tha1Radio breaking more boundaries than any other internet radio station in San Antonio. Miss Neka leads the way yet again, and this time she is giving back bigger and better than ever before! Tha1Radio vowed to help 50 families with The Ella Austin Foundation, and already they have raised $1,000.00, collected many many toys (but they still need more), and built massive awareness by taking the opportunity to be interviewd live on San Antonio Living and KABB Fox29 in October!! #Tha1 has been around for two years, has 12 live DJ's, do live remotes, supports the community, and without being a faith-based radio station.... they share faith and hope every day on-air and in person. They now have a custom app that Android users can DL from Google Play, and their iPhone App will be ready soon. You can stream as well at www.Tha1Radio.com... it's just good music. Add them on FB too!

Memory Loss... another No Brainer Hit from GFE

TINO COCHINO - Legendary

Big Al at SAGE FEST!!

VOCAB #3 Best R&B Artist of the Year in the Current's 2013 San Antonio Music Awards!!!!

October 2013

CONGRATS Marco Cervantes "The Hip-Hop Professor"

MAKES San Antonio Magazine's "The It List"   Read it here

Toofpick Will debuts his new website! www.ToofPickWill.com !!


Progeny & Kizer for winning 2nd and 3rd place for Best Producers in the 2013 Current's San Antonio Music Awards!!!!!

Peace Judah Priest!!

GSM: First of all congrats on becoming General... beautiful! And didn't I read you saying that you are officially signed now, tell me about this!

JP: Yes you read that right, I am officially signed to Protect Your Neck Records & I am a member of Buddha Monks New Group Zu Bullies.


GSM: The new album "Legend of Sleepy Hollow Pt 2" was mixed by DJ Flipcyide from El Paso Texas, how did you two meet?

JP: Well as you know DJ Flipcyide is a well known DJ who always drops the best mix tapes. He had did some work with a Wu-tang brother of mine Solomon Childs, they dropped the  “A Legend Stuck In Shaolin” Mix tape. One day he asked me what I was up to I said just putting the mix tape together he said “send it” I did just that and that’s all she wrote.

GSM: What can we expect from this album and what do you want people to hear in your music?

JP: U can expect straight heat. Not only For the Die Wu Fans But for everybody.

GSM: Do you think you have a signature sound?

JP: My signature sound I would say is a mixture of classic Wu sound and tha the rugged street sound.

GSM: How do you feel about the current trend and direction of hip hop?

JP: I don’t like it, its exactly what you said a trend. What is being called Hip Hop today is not Hip Hop its Rap.

GSM: Hip Hop and Rap. Are the two interchangeable?

JP: Hip Hop was and is those artists who put substance and a message in their music, those who took time to actually say something in their music. Example KRS1, Nas, Rakim , Public Enemy, Wu-Tang Clan, Mos Def Common. Rap, is artist who music has no substance or meaning who music only brags about how many bitches they fucking, how much money they have how many cars they drove, how many times they been shot or locked up etc etc etc. (Lil Wayne, Nikki Minaj, Rick Ross, Wocka Flocka, 2 Chains) etc etc etc. Not hatin on them artist but this is my thought.

GSM: What kind of music did your parents grow up on and was music an everyday thing at your house?

JP: My parents grew up on Rick James, Tina Marie, Tina Turner Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and many other greats. Music was definitely an everyday thing in my house, my father was a club dj & my father was a singer. Guess that’s where I get it from

Do you prefer originality over conformity, even if it won't make you as much money?

JP: Yes I believe in originality, that’s the best way to go. That way you really put your heart and soul into your music. Conformity means you’re just going to be a gimmick. I wonder how long that gimmick is going to work

Do you believe in music therapy.

JP: yes I do. Music definitely sets your mood for all situations. If you trying to be romantic with your lady Throw on that Luther Vandros or that Teddy P, If you just want to relax while u in the house or going for that long drive throw on some smooth jazz, and if you angry as fuck and want to get buck on somebody throw on some N.W.A or Ice T. LMAO and if you working out throw on some lil John.


Catch Judah on Facebook  &



PRIEST - by way of - MONK.  Buddah Monk that is!!

September 2013

Follow the story as it is updated almost daily by his family on Ceschi's Facebook.



GSM: How old were you two when you started singing together for fun and when

did your parents recognize that the two of you had something special musically

going on?

MIDT: When we were young not really sure of the age probably 8 or 9. Our

parents noticed probably around 15.

GSM: What has been the biggest challenge for the two of you?

MIDT: To be as GREAT of a performer as the mainstream artists currently in the

music industry.

GSM: Do you think being a twin act helps or hinders your career?

MIDT: We believe it helps, because we believe people have never seen a twin

duo act main stream that sings, raps and dances all in one show.

GSM: When and where, in your opinion, was your best performance at?

MIDT: Not sure, we just try to give our all in all of our performances. 

GSM: Right now you are #5 on Reverbnation... how many albums do you have out and what are you working on right now?

MIDT: We are currently getting ready to drop our Singles while finishing up our album.

GSM: Tell me about the LOVE HOPE STRENGTH charity drive.

MIDT: Love Hope Strength (LHS) is an international, music-centric cancer charity dedicated to saving lives, one concert at a time. The mission of LHS is to save lives, right now, with the advances that have already been made in cancer care. 

GSM: Do you dance with any local dance crews?

MIDT: Currently no, however, we are about to start up one.

GSM: What is your favorite song to perform together?

MIDT: We love just performing all our songs, because our songs are for our fans. Each song has it's on meaning to each individual Fan. 

GSM: Where/what studio do you record at?

MIDT: At Zzyzx Recording Studio in Round Rock, Tx

GSM: Do you have a particular producer you prefer?

MIDT: No, we just like good tracks. If we hear tracks from different producers that are great, we would love to work with them. Currently, we are working with a great producer out of Germany named Martin Stephan.

GSM: "Can I" is lovely, was there a special person or moment that song was written for?

MIDT: LoL, no not really. "Can I" was written for all the women out there that want a man to come up to them in a respectful way to talk. Also, to just let women know that there are men out there that do exactly what the song says.

GSM: Who does most of the writing?

MIDT: I (Smooth) do.

GSM: When choosing beats, is it a struggle because there are two of you, or because you are twins, is the beat selection process easier?

MIDT: When we select a beat or track, we both listen to it by ourselves. After we have finished, we select which ones we like. Then we get together to see which ones we agree on.

GSM: What do you have planned for the summer?

MIDT: Studio, performances and Hopefully a tour lol. 

Give us your some shout outs!
To GOD, our family and friends. An a Special one to all of our FANS and everyone who has helped and supported us along the way. You know who you are.

The Texas Double Take...

MirrorImage Dem Twinz!

Congratulations Charles Peters!!

His first published academic essay. It was judged by

professors at Arkansas Univ. and won 3rd place

last year. Now over 700 students on his campus

at KSU are using this essay and other winning essays to improve their writing skills in their Eng 1101 sections.

Originally from San Antonio, Koopsta Knicca, of the new formed group of the former 3 6 Mafia, now known as Da Mafia 6ix, will be featured on D.B.O.I.'s upcoming album,"Darkness Binds Our Innocence".

It was about five years ago when I first met DJ John Wayne, now known to all of San Antonio as Wayne's Wings. A mutual friend brought him by my pad for some balcony time (if you know, then you know) and I instantly fell in love with that face, that warm smile and his ​energy. We talked about business, and I discovered what he really wanted to do was not to DJ anymore... what he wanted more than anything was to buy a mobile truck of some kind and cook for the masses. He had a dream, he had goals and he had most everything mapped out. What he didn't know was what the final result would look like, but he knew with prayer and God's divine wisdom, all would be revealed. And revealed it was!


Wayne's Wings is celebrating their 3rd Year in business and we couldn't be happier for him. Dwayne, you have worked so hard and sacrificed much to achieve your dream, and I am so proud of you my friend. LONG LIVE WAYNE'S WINGS!!

July 2013

King Kyle Lee talks about the A.C.B.

Lucky Browns hit me up and asked me if I knew what the ACB was. I had no idea, so of course I consulted Facebook.

And miraculously, (not really though), I found it!

GSM: "ACB", is this your new click? A few people are asking me about ACB, but I have no info.

Kyle Lee: Yes it is, ACB is a San Antonio support group that I'm organizing. It's my way of givin back to the city. If your an artist, producer, Dj, Promoter, or just anything to do With San Antonio entertainment, you are invited to be in the ACB. UNITED WE STAND, Unity is the key as of today we are 327 members strong!

GSM: Wow, how long has this been going on?

Kyle Lee: Just started last Tuesday... ACG Alamo City Gals up next?

GSM: Why did you feel the need to start it? (as if i didn't know.


Kyle Lee: I feel like it's time so many artist including myself have tried so many different ways and San Antonio is still under where we need to be, so why not Unite and become one this will give us all a real chance to be heard and show Texas that we are for real! Plus I can give my fans in S,A. something to rep Hip Hop wise, besides just the spurs!

GSM: What about the O.P.T.T.O. movement? Wasn't that the same thing?

Kyle Lee: I never heard anything about it until tha other day when I invited Avar to be in the ACB, which he is now apart of, and we support O.P.T.T.O. as well. Just because you're a Alamo City Boy doesn't mean you have to stop whatever else your doin.

GSM: What do the men have to do to join? Is there a form to fill out? Annual dues?

Kyle Lee: Nope just tell them to text me 832 651 7663. I'm also showin luv and tracks too, to all ACB members.

GSM: Already! Thank you. I would like to join the ACG... but I don't want to be a cheerleader.. I really want to do something.

Kyle Lee: I got you on that ACG, maybe you can help me with that one once I get it off the ground.

GSM: You bet!

Reach out to Kyle Lee on Facebook.

June 2013


SparkDawg TheRapper





SparkDawg: Happy early Bday

GSM: Awww thank you man! How have you been?

SparkDawg: I'm good. Getting ready for a 28 show tour

in June, Hittin the Chitlin Circuit!

GSM: That is fantastic! Will this be your first tour of the

2013? How was SXSW for you?

SparkDawg: Oh no, not the first tour. Sxsw was coo!

GSM: How many SXSW shows were you on this year?

SparkDawg: I had 5 shows in all.

GSM: Are you signed to a label now?

SparkDawg: My own label, Spark-A-Lot Records, LLC.

GSM: When did you create that?

SparkDawg: 08

GSM: Are you the only artist?

SparkDawg: Naw, there are a few.

GSM: What projects can we look forward to you dropping this year?

SparkDawg: @SparkDawgMusic vol 3: The DM.

GSM: Give me some names of featured or guest artists on this?

SparkDawg: You gotta wait! Don't wanna spoil it!

GSM: What's your booking fee go for now?

SparkDawg: $1000 + plus room + travel

To book Spark you can reach out to him on Facebook

Looking for a GREAT D.J.?

We highly recommend DJ Vicious for your concerts, tours, events. Click Here to watch
D.J. Vicious' interview on Univision and reach out to him on FACEBOOK.

February 2013

"I'm not here to complain, I am here to live."

DJ LOCNEZ is always hard at work. When we first met DJ LOCNEZ online, he had just been nominated for "Best New DJ" at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards  August 2011,  he was working on several mixtapes including his first TEXAS Mixtape. I Caught up with him recently, and it was no surprise, that this man is as busy as ever! When I said "Hey DJ what's good!", LOCNEZ replied with a run-on sentence mixed with a who's who, city by city, because DJ LOCNEZ of the DTP DJ's is known world wide. Check out his site http://www.djlocnez.com/


What's going on right now with DJ LOCNEZ? He has been nominated "Best Mixtape DJ", "Best Inspirational" and "Lifetime Achievement Award" in The First Annual Midwest Hip Hop Awards (being held July 6th, and 7th 2013 in Ohio) and his "WE ARE OHIO" STAY FOCUSED vol. 3 has accumulated over 37,000 views and over 8,000 downloads! "Dj Locnez present's WE ARE OHIO" STAY FOCUSED vol 4" is being released on 2/28/13..... And, of course, they are expecting Big Numbers! Checkout DJ LOCNEZ present's "WE ARE OHIO" STAY FOCUSED vol 3".

2/22/13 is an Exclusive DJ LOCNEZ "Dj Locnez Mixtape Lockdown with the Monster's "DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS" series Live on www.blogtalkradio.com/daunderground.


GSM: You listen to so much music on the daily, do your ears every get exhausted?

DJL: Never, I love music!

GSM: What projects are you working on right now and what is next to drop?

DJL: Grindin Out Ohio 3 alongside  Ohio 4, next direction is Indiana 2, Texas 2.

GSM: Are you satisfied with your first Texas project?

DJL: Heck yea also excited about This Friday's exclusive "Don't Mess With Texas"

Mixtape Lockdown show with www.blogtalkradio.com/daunderground

GSM: Who do you have lined up for the second Texas project so far?

DJL: Too many big names.... it's jammed packed!

GSM: Any unknown jewels?

DJL: Yepper, and all surprises! plus brand new cosponsor's as well....

GSM: Wonderful... I love hearing artists I've never heard before this way.

GSM: Did you have a favorite or two on the first TEXAS project?

DJL: I love it all.

GSM: You are lucky to have worked with so many incredible people. I saw you worked with Blueprint... he is my Ohio fave.

GSM: When you step back and look at your career... how blessed do you feel?

DJL: A lot!! I thank God everyday! and the team he has blessed me to work with is down to earth quit incredible.

GSM: Would you change mainstream pop radio if you could?

DJL: Yup! Absolute without a shadow of a doubt

GSM: What would you give your audience instead of the bubble gum brainwash ish?

DJL: Real music.

GSM: From all over the globe?

DJL: Yup. All over the planet.

GSM: How many mixtapes do you want to produce in 2013?

DJL: idk. every one is a blessing to me I take true value in life with it, I thank God for another day with my blessed family, and team of blessed and gifted individual's.

GSM: What is your biggest push right now?

DJL: OHIO, INDIANA, TEXAS!! Along with my columns in B.R.E.A.D magazine and Going South Magazine.

GSM: What Dj Coalitions have you worked with, and are currently a member of?

DJL: I have worked with the Slip-N-Slide Dj's back in the early 2000's Big Shoutout and much love and respect to them as well as one of my mentor's there Dj King

Assassin. As for right now I am a member of the following... Dtp Dj's,IDJ'S, Heat Spinner's Dj's, Nerve Dj's and in talk's with Texas's own Campus King Dj's.....

GSM: Your medical condition has evolved and has placed you in a wheelchair, tell us a little about this?

DJL: Well I have a rare disease called "AVN" which has caused me to be in a wheelchair for over 2 years now, with hopes to transfer out of it in the upcoming months and years. I just give thanks and praise to God that I am still alive and He has blessed me with the chance to tell my story in a way that will hopefully touch and inspire the thoughts and lives of many. But I am not here to complain, I am here to live.

GSM: Dj Locnez, if you had the opportunity to work with any industry names on a mixtape, who would it be?

DJL: I would like to work with Big Krit, Big Heff, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Steve Lobel, Mystikal, Rev Run and his son's, Ice Cube and his son's.......
Alisha Lange, and currently am in talk's with Buffalo Style of the legendary "NAPPY ROOTS".....
Here are the reason's why.... these people have impacted my life in such a way, it would be a way to embrace and intertwine our talents to create a masterpiece of Real Music....

GSM: Dj Locnez, please give some Shout Out's to people that you would like to thank!!

DLJ: First and foremost I would like to thank God for showing me that life is precious and should be appreciated and not taken advantage of. Second, I would like to thank My Mother, Thank you for showing me that threw faith and love, a person can stand at the plate and swing hard for the fences. Third, Alisha Lange.... you have showed me that faith,love,and communication are the keys to a beautiful recipe of success. Fourth.. Philly Phil you have given me a new outlook on a way to view and embrace life one day one step, and one minute... to that I am forever grateful.... Fifth.... Dustin "West Water" Kaeck..... Life has shown us ups and down's but threw it all this year was and still is the very best.... God Bless you Bigg Chief!!!!! Sixth:   I would personally like to thank Bigg Hef.. Quincy Taylor for welcoming me into the beautiful and talented and gifted Nerve Dj family!!!!!! Seventh.... The Other day I was blessed to have spoken with one of my mentor's right now... Dj Johnny O.... I had a two hour convo with this man and he enlightened me with many things that he has seen throughout his life and blessed career, one day I hope to shake this man's hands that day will be worth celebrating.... I got my glass ready to toast with you Johnny.... Eighth: I would like to thank my second family Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, Jonna, Cieara...... for all your love, thoughts and prayers..... continually... God bless Kaream Cooke, Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and spiritual guidance.... I look forward for your wisdom everyday.... got me taking notes.... Yung Maine: I would like to personally let you know that your talk's are deep and for that I am forever grateful... I am always looking forward to your updates and positive energy.... I am blessed to know you, and can't wait for the day we can have a meal together.... Life is so so precious I would like to thank Bread and Going South magazine's for believing in my dream and me that they let me share it with the world...... I would like to thank the OHHA's and the Midwest Hip Hop Award's for their love and support.... Much love and respect to all my sponsor's, cosponsor's, mastering and engineers, Graphic artist's, Promoter's, Photographer.... Manager's...... and most of all God and my Pastor's..... I love all of you it's not a Dj Locnez thing... it's an Ohio, Indiana, Texas.... and any and all future statements..... closed door's come open windows and with that their is Hope!!!! I pray for all of you!!! --DJ LOCNEZ

Look for monthly music columns written by DJ LOCNEZ coming soon in BREAD MAGAZINE and starting March 2013 in GOING SOUTH MAGAZINE!!

​Add him on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/djlocnez, check his Reverbnation, Shout out from FISH SCALE!