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Congrats to San Antonio filmmaker Paul Rhodis, winner at Feel the Reel international film festival for "Best Editor" award for the IOFF independent online film festival.


Texas Boom Bap at it's finest.  Evolve @Evolve1980 from the SGV has, well, did it again. Just like all his work, this is real hip hop to it's core. Evolve features the incredibly talented Mic Melt, Palm Leaf Skylines who D Major has had the honor of interviewing, the album was mixed and mastered by the legend Fezzy Harper and the artwork done by Awol One!

Just on the names involved alone, you KNOW this is a must have. Go get it now!

DJ TIZ mural by Veronique Meggett.

San Antonio


San Antonio stays celebrating!

And we were right there with them!

Kydd Jones

Kydd Jones - Gold Roses Freestyle 

Kydd Jones drops his new freestyle over Rick Ross and Drake's "Gold Roses" record. Kydd says about the song, "When I jump right in stating the mayor knows me by first name, it's not a lie."  Earlier this year, Steve Adler (the mayor of Austin, TX) presented him as a musical ambassador for the City of Austin. Kydd also performed at the HEB Center at Cedar Park as well as a SXSW performance at Doris Miller Auditorium in 2019. He gears up for a busy end of year. with performances for Austin Music Foundation as well as ACL performances with Gary Clark Jr. Kydd is just now warming up with this freestyle as he has much more in store. 

Soundcloud link: 

2019 GSM.jpg


by vision

Though I am a 60's child, I've never dropped acid, done bars or sipped lean... but Candy Rain Dreams must be the feeling you get right here. Vibe out, yes you can. Tune out, yes you can. And you can enjoy this psychotrippadelic ride from Vision anytime/anywhere. This is a San Antonio #MustHave. Now managed by



DJ Notion of musicNmind.com brought the GOD himself KRS-ONE to San Antonio for an amazing concert!

How do San Antonio transit police really treat citizens... We appreciate our first amendment auditors and journalists that are fighting back for all of us. Feel free (because you are) to call and redress.

You can't go wrong when you take 5 of San Antonio's top female emcees and put them together with a powerful melodic and thoughtful voice of Samurai Sai. You will want to put this on repeat while you look up the names K.C. Bangs, Carolina, Niza Da Duddha, Lovewreck and San Antonio OG Kree23.

Each song is strong and provoking, be ready to experience the stories in your head while you listen to this EP by on of San Antonio's brightest young stars.


What happens when you visit a situation that could turn out to be 1. A memory that would last a lifetime, or 2. The worst decision you ever made? Off his newly released album "Homecoming", here comes Austin's Kydd Jones with that premise in the single "War Paint". This buttery smooth joint is produced by Los Angeles based producer Insightful @insightful_ew (from Soulection) and will please your ears, mind and soul.

L2H is the perfectly smooth summertime theme song for those going through it, or those broken up and lonely beating those memories over and over in your head. This song is so relatable. The engineering and production by Vask is so clean, which really brings out the essence of Basik, who is anything but. This is for #SummertimeInSanAntonio


For as long as I can remember, this Texas producer has been making remarkable sounds. And now we are happy to tell you that Austin based producer CLEMITS will soon release his new project "A Cult Classic", that will set your summer right! But there is one little rule you must follow... you must make it a "Selfish Summer". Why? Because we all fucking need it and the world needs our unbridled positive energy just like what is in this visual directed by Clemits himself and shot by the talented Josiah Panella.

All Photos by @sherrilmetalGSM #iPushSA #sanantoniomusicscene

2013 & 2018 SEA Award Winner Journalist/Photographer of the Year

SERTIFIED reminds me of a style that for sure is trending compared with Black Youngsta, Future, Migos, but oddly enough, has New York Flair.


My favorite tracks I would say would be CONNECT UP, BLOWING UP, ON THE GO, EVICTION, and STRAIGHT OUT.


What do I base my favorites on? Well I base these favorites along with of course like I stated earlier.. AD-LIBS, STORYTELLING, VOCABULARY but with the messages on the track.... real life situations. Struggle, money, women, haters, lose. Something that we can all relate to.


All in all, I see SERTIFIED doing great things in the industry, has room for growth, and I really look forward to seeing and hearing from him in future! Go get SEE YA SOON NOW!!




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by @sherrilmetalGSM

We caught up with Tre Timez of A.N.T. in San Antonio to get the scoop on this legendary Jacksonville, Florida Jenkins BBQ he brought to San Antonio.

GSM: You now run the kitchen inside this corner store located off of East Houston and Rio Grande, and you are making a legendary style of BBQ. Tell us more about this new venture.

TRE: Well, a friend of the family has store with a fully-equipped kitchen inside that he rents out. It was available, so I took the opportunity to put my culinary arts degree to work and blend it with my absolute love for the legendary Jenkins BBQ sauce of Jacksonville, Florida.

GSM: You have brought a piece of Florida's history to San Antonio. That is remarkable Tre.


TRE: Yes ma'am. The love of Jenkins BBQ sauce runs deep in my family because our grandfather and my cousin on post have been having Jenkins BBQ since it started in 1959. For years my auntie has shipped me cases of Jenkins BBQ sauce from home, and it's been a goal of mine to bring it to Texas. Since my grandmother passed away, I really don't see us going back to Florida, and my family kept telling me that I've been talking about this dream too long, still haven't done it, that I ain't going to do it..... So. it sounded like a challenge to me. And it was time to take it.

GSM: Ahhhhhhhhhh, that is beautiful.

GSM: What are some of the specialties? Any family recipes being used?

TRE: We are doing classic "Jenkins Plates" and using family recipes for our collard greens, yams, cornbread, honey beans, brisket, ribs, chicken and we use only the real and original Jenkins BBQ Sauce on our meats!

GSM: San Antonio certainly has become a Foodie Town, and I am sure with our high level of military from all over, I would bet that there will be many happy faces headed your way soon. When is A.N.T. Jenkins BBQ open?


TRE: Date is TBA, but A.N.T. Jenkins BBQ will be open on Friday and Saturdays only, 11am to 6pm.

GSM: We will happily announce the opening date as soon as you release it. Our whole crew is excited to come taste the goodness, and D Major will be having you in The Urban Suite radio show soon to talk about your new adventure. I am excited for you and very proud of you.

TRE: And thank you sis, you supported me and have my back ever since we met and I appreciate it sis!

GSM: Hey, thank you for sticking by me through all the ups and downs too.


SanAnto's @FullNelsonEats gets flown out to Florida and shoots a national commercial for Rally's!


The Best Chicken Wings In Texas are right here in San Antonio at Wayne's Wings -  so says SA Live's David Elder!

Going South Magazine had our own ghost adventures.... no windows open, no doors open. The light started moving, then swinging, and then we were out of there!

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