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Interviews with our Favorite Ladies of San Antonio!
Ms. Jeans of Univision Radio

What's your daily schedule like between both stations?

Well, I'm up early (not a morning person) but I am up with Morning Drive on 95.1, have my other production duties after the Morning show... and I still cover the Overnights on 98.5 Mon-Sat.

Are you the only female radio show host in Texas that has two radio shows on two different stations at the same time?

No, in radio these days, they have jocks doing multiple markets or stations, I believe I may be the only female who kept my same name on both stations though here in San Antonio... and in my company, I am the only person working at 2 stations here San Antonio. AND I am now currently on a syndicated type show in Albuquerque, NM , La Kalle 101.3 ...this girl is branching out of Texas!

When did you get the name Ms. Jeans, how do you properly spell it, and are you having fun branding out the name?

Got my name about 7 yrs. ago... a former co-worker used to sing me that "In Those Jeans" song by Ginuwine... kinda stuck! lol... Thanks to my backside... smh!! I didn't like it too much at first, but I kept it because I thought it might be a memorable name! lol... It's MS. <--- I'm not MRS. <--- I am not married to Mr. Jeans... lol!! Not MISS either, I'm not a little girl... I'm all woman! lol

Do you miss the daily abuse from Xavier?

Yes and No, I do miss being on the show... and No because I see Xavier and Paul every morning and they still pick on me!! But being on the show, I learned so much about "Entertainment"... it was all in fun. We still have so much fun and I love 'em both like big brothers!

Do your fans know you can sing?

A lot of listeners do know, but the majority, I don't think do. I've always wanted to earn my "singing popularity" without the radio exposure, so I kept my singing and job pretty separate.

You have a degree?

I have certificates in Audio Engineering and some college.

Are you still in college?

No, but would love to go back... I know I will.

What is your major?

In college I majored in Science... lol, I know. Nothing to do with radio!! I still have my credits in Psychology - studied Human Behavior. Glad I did that though, because I find myself counseling listeners all the time and they come to me for advice or just to listen. I'm happy to do it, since I did want that as a career once upon a time.

What is your Career Dream?

Of course reaching the top... Radio in NEW YORK (I love and look up to Angie Martinez at Hot 97), and at least one music hit like Angie did her music thing too! Also, making a path for others and break a barrier or two!

Give me your shout outs...

Everyone in my radio company, Univision Radio - 98.5 the BEAT / La Kalle 95.1, my close friends and family, the local scene hustling & supporting each other, my Facebook friends, all my listeners... also, my special person that motivates me, inspires me to keep doing the music, and last but not least my God who's made it all possible. And can't forget my girl Sherril Metal... thank you Ma!

Mia of M.I.A. Entertainment


​Is it tough being a female promoter?

There's always that one guy... I remember my first year, some guy assumed I was just the door girl. He told me he could get in for free because he knew the "guy who runs all this." Yeah? Really? *chuckling.*

(I remember that - that was at Korova)

What would you like to see change in the industry for females?

​The battlers are a tight community though, and they're protective. They understand that organizers have to make money to continue throwing shows - or they lose their opportunity to battle.

What is your career dream?

​Career aspirations? I love organizing, and I love DMC. I have had some of the greatest experiences thanks to the friends I've made through DMC. Right now, I'm just enjoying the ride. But there are definitely plans in the works to expand DMC Texas. You'll have to wait and see.

Give some shout outs!

I have to thank the DJs first - for coming back every year! Then my She-wolves, Christie (DMC USA), Sally (DMC WORLD), Marilyn, Jenny and Sondra. Donnie Dee, my tireless host, best damn DJ ever, and the person who trusted me to handle SATX DMC. Ryan and Pur3ly Root3d, who pays for it all, haha! And then all the people who have supported since day 1, including Going South.


What caught your eye and dragged you into the music biz?

Really, I just wanted to support my friends, they are all so talented, and I just wanted people to experience what I was. Then it just snowballed from there.

What has been your most difficult mountain to climb?

Its just finding out who's real and who's fake. Some just want to make money and don't care who they step on or cheat, and everyone I work with, I feel they need to be fully compensated for the hard work they put in. After all, they are making the music my ears enjoy or painting the visuals my eyes get to look at.

Do you think the game is overly male-dominated and that there is room for women?

Yes and No... Yes, because sometimes the guys don't take us seriously and some think they can just walk all over us, but I do think if women want to be part of this game, they need to step it up. Maybe the ladies are intimidated or expect it to be handed to them, but they need to work just as hard as the guys, and just not give up!

What is your career dream right now?

My dream is already happening, but I'm really working towards having my own vintage retro clothing store, where I can sell all my friends art, hear their music, and have the dopest clothes in town!

Give me some shout outs!

I wanna give a huge shout-out to the LNS Crew, the emcees, dj's, and producers! Those guys are dope and talented artists all around and I appreciate the hard work they've done for me. Cory Kendrix and OG Spanks have gotta be 2 of the dopest cats I've ever met! Anthony Martinez of BlackNote for giving me the opportunity to work for BlackNote and giving me the freedom to work outside of BlackNote. The Paintyard Crew for coming out and painting and always supporting me! Cien, Soup, and Dmise of the Laws Crew for all the art I've gotten from them over the last few years! Xboyrd, Bobby James, and Vicious for always blessing the decks at my shows and anyone I've forgotten I'm sorry, but you know I got mad love for everyone!