A look into the Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Alternative and Underground Music Makers, DJ's, Artists, and cool fukn people of San Antonio and its musical cultivating.

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2015 has been a very interesting year in music. Fabricated conflicts (the Drake-Meek Mill “beef”, in which Drake received a Grammy nomination for his diss record, “Back to Back”), major accomplishments  like De La Soul’s Kickstarter fundraising campaign for their new project, and the loss of hip hop veterans, like the death of the incompatible Sean Price, all made headlines. A lot of great music was released as well. Highlights include: Mega Ran’s highest-charting release to date; Public Enemy’s strong position on college radio; the top-5 debut of the Foreign Exchange’s new album; critically-praised projects from Blueprint, Apollo Brown, Semi Hendrix, Murs, Red Pill and more.


It’s been a great year locally as well. With the success of his video, “Find Me”, Twigutta continues to be an artist to watch in SA and beyond. Lehley Hood released a solid debut album. Mad-One, Kree23, Spy MC, Amaze, Third Root, and Greg G have all made major moves in the past year. The concert scene in the Alamo City has also grown significantly. With the addition of the Tobin Center and Paper Tiger, as well as the Aztec Theater and Limelight being controlled by new management, we have seen major acts in rock, R&B, and hip hop come through San Antonio.


I’m truly looking forward to what’s next in 2016. Many aspects of the music scene are emerging in this city, and its citizens should applaud the efforts of everyone involved (artists, promoters, venue owners, journalists, etc.) to help show the world that San Antonio is a hotbed for talent.


On that note, here is my list of favorite releases of 2015, locally and nationally. If you have not check any of these releases out, take the time to do so. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Here’s wishing you a happy, prosperous, and blessed 2016!


Apollo Brown - Grandeur

Semi Hendrix - Breakfast at Banky's

Guuru Sagod - GOD

Run The Jewels II

Mega Ran & Storyville - Soul Veggies

Blueprint - King No Crown

Mayday - Future Vintage

Ces Cru - Recession Proof

Ceschi - Broken Love Ballads

Sean Price - Songs in the Key of P

Oddisee - Life is Good

Hail Mary Mallon - Beastiety



April/May 2016

The Evolution of a Queen

By Sherril Metal

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GSM: This is a very intimate album. What do you want people to hear in your music?

JB: The thing I want most people to hear in my music is the passion, the story, and the pain that I've endured within these last two years. Most importantly make light of a dire situation.

GSM: Is this a "new you" or is this the next layer with more to be revealed?

JB: I would say it's a layer of many layers that will be revealed in due time.

GSM: What kind of music did your parents grow up on? Was music an everyday thing at your house?

JB: The kind of music my parents grew up on is Stephanie Mills, Rachelle Ferrell, Tina Marie, Whitney Houston just to name a few and yes music was always an everyday thing growing up. My sisters and I loved Destinys Child so much that we formulated a group called the Desinays named after them and we would write our own songs and would perform in the club that my mom used to sneak us in.

GSM: Do you collect music?

JB: I collect music on my IPhone. It's always good listening to great music.

GSM: Tell us about one of the worst nights of your career and how it changed you.

JB: One of the worst nights of my career would have to be cutting ties with someone who helped me start it all. It changed me in the best way and made me more aware of the people around me.

GSM: Creating music is a bit like playing with people's lives it seems. Have you noticed how important music is to people and is it that important to you?

JB: Music is the key to people's life. It speaks what cannot be expressed soothes the mind and gives it rest. It's just as important as eating everyday you have to listen to music. Like my producer says what leaves the heart reaches the heart and that's what my goal is, is to reach hearts.

GSM: How do you feel about the current trend and direction of hip hop?

JB: I feel that right now in hip hop it's a fad, people will follow whatever the trend is but me I don't follow trends I am the trend.

GSM: Name some artists you would like to work with in 2016?

JB: Some artist I would like to work with is Bryson Tiller, Drake, Wale, Snoop Dog, Trina, Nicki Minaj & Beyoncé.

GSM: Where can STRIPPED be found?

JB: Stripped can be found on Tidal and Spotify.

GSM: Thank you so much for letting us check in with you. We absolutely love you and wish you nothing but success! I want all our readers to check out her official site QueenJustBrittany.com

JB: Thanks for this interview I really appreciate it!

Doing for your community pays off in an amazing way for one of our beloved Houston rapper. President Obama recognized Lil Keke in a tremendous way.

President Obama said “In my Inaugural Address, I stated that we need a new era of responsibility – a recognition on the part of every American that we have duties to ourselves, our Nation, and the world. These are duties that we do not grudgingly accept, but rather seize gladly, firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit than giving our all to a difficult task,” President Obama wrote. “Your volunteer service demonstrates the kind of commitment to your community that moves America a step closer to its great promise.”

Reno'r Nori is Making Over Killeen!


GSM: How did it all happen?


RN: I received a call from the City of Killeen, I went  down there, and this was given to me. The Mayor of Austin will present the proclamation to me at The Red Carpet Modeling Expo event on Saturday, naming April 23rd as "Modeling Industry Expo Day" in Killeen Texas!


GSM: As a woman in business, how does this make you feel?


RN: I kicked the doors open and now I have another day. All I can say is, I love it whenever a strategy plan comes together especially when Jesus is your partner. A few months ago someone mentioned to me that I was a trailblazer, and whatever I touch turns to GOLD. All I could say was really? When I go home, I want to leave behind a Legacy, stating that I was some one who fought for the less fortunate who did not have a voice.


April 23rd is Modeling Industry Expo Day in Killeen Texas!


GSM: What is the latest news at Nori Consulting?


RN: I have about 15 models now and growing. My Nori Consultant Firm is moving so fast. I got one of my Models a role in a major Christian movie, and another one of our models just did a swimsuit line photoshoot. We also were asked to promote a play on social media.


We wish you all the success in the world Rene!!!!

A brave neighbor steps in to save the children chained in her neighbor's backyard. THIS is what being a neighborhood was about in the 60's and 70's. Then "they" killed it with the Political Correct Movement and the Neighborhood Watch and Nancy's mass encarceration plan went into effect by having teachers sweet talk their students into blowing the whistle on their parents... "If you have seen any of these things in your house, raise your hands kids."


I was there. I was one of those kids who went through their subtle interrogations. The teachers were very uncomfortable, I could tell my principal did not want to do this. I heard my brothers talking about this bullshit so I knew it was something bad... when asked... I simply said, no.


I sat in my seat in the hallway by the principal's door and I quietly watched and listened to the chaos. Over the next few weeks, dozens of shoolmates went missing (placed into foster care, sent to relatives, changed schools) after their parents were arrested and put in jail. It was sad, we didn't understand exactly what was happening, but we, those kids interrogated, carry a heavy guilt.