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Congratulations to Definition DJ Timeko T for winning the Female DJ of the Year Award at the SEA Awards 2014!!

JAN 2014


DJ750: I'm about to release about 12 Mixtapes!


GSM: oh shit 12? Why 12?


DJ750: Why not? That's just the kick off!!


GSM: Fair. But really.... how did that all happen?


DJ750: I've been working! I'm the new GM of Polar Pimp Ent., and, some other things are in the works. It's time to turn up and its been a long time coming.


GSM: You go back in the rap game here in San ANtonio... DJ Ghost and the legendary Too Fly Tuesday nights at Krystal's are remembered well. Other's have tried to re-create it but have not been nearly as successful as you.


DJ750: That's true, and my focus is just as strong on the projects I am about to unleash.


GSM: Well, personally, I can't wait. I have had an oppotunity to listen to some of them and I gotta say that your work is better than ever. When will the first Mixtape be dropped?


DJ750: This month and I will make sure you get the exclusive links first for your readers! Here's one for you right now at DatPiff.


GSM: Thank you!!! Where can our readers find you right now?


DJ750: http://thepolarnetwork.com, on my FB https://www.facebook.com/djsevenfitty.polarpimpent


Hood On Fire Vol. 1


Block Burnas


The Stock Exchange Mixtape



Sutter Kain aka DJ Bless - GREAT MUSIC!! "It is an experience you want again and again!" GSM

The Real Chino & GO Dj Knowledge!

Every Monday night

Hip Hop 101!

#PremierWuzHere  Fukn Awesome!


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