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July 1, 2015

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June 10, 2015

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May 1, 2015

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July 1, 2015

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Stop bitching. Buy American Made Everything. China doesn't need our 8 billion dollar a year Christmas gift... OUR PEOPLE NEED IT. I don't care if it costs more - cry somewhere else and just fucking BUY IT.



Sherril Metal


I know it's been a while, but as you have been reading and listening, I have been super busy soaking up and supporting San Antonio.


While the times are so unstable, I want you all to go out, enjoy more local live music and art than ever and bring the whole family. Enrichen these children as much as possible. Keep the support and the comradery alive and tight. Help those that need it now. Get educated. Keep the doors locked and the windows rolled up.


Find out what is REALLY going on with your city officials via our friend John Foddrill Sr. through his Facebook page. You won't believe what you read, so he included all the court documents to show us all what is REALLY going on.


Wednesdays at 11am cst tune-in to our friend Phil Pepin on The Natural News Radio. Do you believe in FREEDOM? Do you even know what it is anymore??? He will tell you what you need to know and he brings in relevant knowledgable people who are experts in their fields on his site Pursuit of Feedom Show.



Tune-in to The Urban Suite Radio Show M-F 7 to 10pm cst on www.Tha1Radio.com. Your host D MAJOR gives you Underground Hip Hop, R&B & Surprises Galore!


Come chill with us at our events!

**Every 1st and 3rd Friday at the aLoft Hotel is Jazzed Up Friday Happy Hours with Tha1Radio!

**Every Wednesday 5 to 10pm at E.R. BAR are BBW HAPPY HOURS with me, Club ENVY BBW MORE, and of course Wayne's Wings! Size Acceptance at it's Finest!! NO COVER!

**Every Thursday 5 to 10pm is FOOTBALL HAPPY HOURS at the E.R. BAR with D MAJOR! Watch Football, win a shot, drink or beer with his "Football Trivia", Play Beer Pong, and hear Great Music in between! NO COVER!


See you on the town!

Sherri Metal

Winner of the 2014 Journalist/Photographer of the Year Award from the SEA's

Nominated for Journalist/Photographer of the Year in the upcomming 2015 SEA Awards!




It's May. The season has changed, nature is buzzing and we're gearing up to bring you a few super cool summertime parties. But before I go any further, we need prayers right now. So many of our friends have joined the heavens the past few weeks and illnesses grow rampant, I don't want to lose any more so please get your inner prayer warrier front and center and do as many good deeds as you can all month long. Let's pass the blessings around and around till they form a foundation.


I need prayers for our friend Kada Pierce. Kada is one of our good young raw emcees and just a few days ago he discovered he has cancer. It was a Dr. visit that turned into a nighmare. Prayers Up for Kada!!



Good deeds Indeed!

Shouts out to Polar Pimp for delivering an amazing new annual event "FLAVA FEST!" A fabulous concert and community give back! Way to go gentlemen!!


Save the Date:

High Noon Saturday July 5th at the Frank Garrett Community Center BBall Courts, San Antonio's Young Cadillac brings you a Family Togetherness Day with live music, free food, family projects and more...  Stopping Child Abuse it's focus!! Cadillac made the agenda and will be speaking at the next District 1 meeting asking them for support! Going South Magazine and The Urban Suite are proud sponsors.



D Major and I will be throwing a couple of parties at The Reggae Bar this summer and I hope you all will join us. I will post the dates as soon as we confirm them. No cover and I am cooking!


Don't forget to tune-in to D Major and I Monday through Friday 7 to 10pm cst on @Tha1Radio www.tha1radio.com. There are 1,000 downloads of Tha1Radio free custom app - get yours too! The app is available for Windows, Apple and Android devices.



See you on the town San Antonio!

Sherril Metal


Nominations for the 12th Annual Southern Entertainment Awards 2915 are open and with your help Going South Magazine will be in the Top 10 Again! Nominate us, Tha1Radio and KSYM, your favorite Dj's and Radio Show Hosts, emcee's, mixtapes, models and more! The SEA Awards represent the South as a whole, so to make it into the Top 10  with the magazine was an Honor! I won the Journalist/Photographer of the Year award 2014 for San Antonio and I want to do it again for 2015!!

Just go to www.southernentawards.com and click to get yur ballot, fill it with your faves then click to send it. You will have to confirm it via your email, and you can nominate once from any email address.

APRIL 2014

We've all been feeling the change coming. Hip Hop in San Antonio is everywhere!


I've heard so many of you talking about it for a long time now, and, you are right, the change IS overwhelmingly here. Now my friends it's time to grab Her and fuck the life out of Her just like AMAZE says he wants to. The music scene in San Antonio (sans tejano and rock) has reached the masses and they love it. With San Antonians like Tino Cochino, Austin Mahone, Richie Branson, Phillie Phil, Millie Mars, Scuba Gooding Jr. & Yolanda Hernandez putting in serious work and making national and international noise, great locals like Chisme and Worldwide going on tour after tour, Dj Notion's Music N Mind bringing great artists in concert to SA and ATX and giving us the ability to network with them, Super-Teams like Polar Pimp Ent.'s Avar TheStar with O.P.T.T.O. and Kyle Lee's A.C.B. keeping support for the fans and their families strong, Me pushing you all to get your business in order so the A&R and labels can see San Antonio move up on the music charts, and radio support from D MAJOR and Liese Love... we have reached a level like I have not seen in my 13 years here in San Antonio.


I want you all to stop thinking that no-one is working together and we need to be more cohesive so we can come up together and such. Bullshit. It came together while you were all busy grinding your asses off doing what you were supposed to do in the first place, paying attention to what you are producing and giving listeners outside of your garages something great to bite into. Substance. San Antonio now HAS IT! But don't stop now, for now is the time to be producing more great work so we can show the "Follow Through".


I want to say Thank You to everyone who voted for D Major and I in The Southern Entertainment Awards, and to everyone who kept good thoughts and prayers during this whole experience. I remember when the SEA Awards first started over 11 years ago, I thought What A Great Idea this is and I hope they keep doing it. With all their ups and downs, the @SEA_AWARDS has stuck with it, grown and I hope they are around for many more years to come. Shouts out to DJ Infamous for all his hard work for keeping the Southern Entertainment Awards & Conference alive! This was our first time nominated, and, I am still stunned by it all because real talk... I didn't know anyone was paying attention or knew who I was... I was just doing what I wanted to do - Supporting The Music and People I Love & Sharing it with Whoever Would Listen.


Thank You San Antonio, Thank you Chuk Jones for giving me my start at S.A. Urban and keeping me inspired, Thank You to my kids, Thank You to all my friends, Thank You to all our readers and listeners... and THANK YOU D MAJOR for being the BEST guy a girl could ever have! As soon as the award gets in my hands I am taking it on a photo shoot all over San Antonio to celebrate all of YOU!!


Speaking of celebrations, please be sure to join us Friday April 25th at Fitzgerald's Live Music Venue to celebrate Going South Magazine turning 4 and me turning 50, Mr. Compositions CD Release Party, and the born days of KSYM's Liese Love, Few Music Group's Royal King Minus (SSB Audioforensicks) and Mario delaFuente.


Check the Local Events page for some great great events!



Sherril Metal

editor in chief


March 2014


It's National Women's History Month so I want to dedicate a little somthing to the ladies in my life making history!


My sister Laura - Inside my heart I knew there had to be a you. I went through too much hell growing up for there not to be this 'fantasy made reality'. I have a sister. I have a sister. I have a sister. Thank you God! I have loved her forever, but I have never met her. One day. One day soon I will get to see you and hold you. I don't know how good of a big sister I would have been, but knowing you now means everything to me. Thank you for finding me, I love you.


My best friends growing up Amber and LaVonne - I can't imagine life without either one of you. We've been through almost everything together. I look forward to when life brings us back together in Cali again. We still have a lot of ass to kick.


Ms. JEANS - She is one of the strongest, most focused, sexiest women on Radio in San Antonio. Ms. Jeans is the only FM Radio joc with TWO shows airing simultaneously in one city, she is an amazing vocalist who I have had the pleasure of working with for many years now, she is also one of the most overlooked personalities on our airwaves to date, and one who deserves way more respect than she gets.

~"I think Jessica is proof that if you work hard and stay true to who you are that you can achieve ...no matter your gender, or were you started. I admire her strength and no holds bar honesty ....yet there is this softness....that is why I like her so much."

Valerie Babineaux speaks about Ms. Jeans 98.5 The Beat


Claudia G - San Antonio's Sweetest Heart! An out of the box thinker, a promotional mega goddess, everything this woman touches turns to gold. She exudes resiliance. If you don't know Claudia G, you should.


Shannon G - I adore you and I look forward to getting to know you better. You're so much fun to be around, i love the energy you give off, Mickey and I are always saying that when we get free time that it's you and Eric we want to go see first. Life - we will make it happen soon!!! xoxo


Kree23BN - Kree rhymes with Free and that is exactly what this young woman is... Free. Your spirit, your art... it all expresses a freedom one usually comes into at a much older age. But you have been blessed early and I know with that comes some hard knocks. It's ok, though, put those knocks on the shelf and line them up like trophies because it takes a true warrier to own all battles, won or lost.


The late Marem Wallace - You. You always supported me, I can never thank you enough for that. You always had a smile for everyone too. Always taking care of everyone's feeling, even in your darkest days as the cancer took you away from us, you never let-on to us how sick you really were. You didn't want to burden us. You wanted us to remember you as vibrant and carefree. I am so sorry I couldn't be there to say goodbye. I hate that I didn't make it to your house that day to help you clean. And I am so sad you are gone. You are a champion, you are a wonderful mother, you are an inspiration, you are the kind of person many of us long to be. GOD has a good one by his side now. R.I.P. Marem.


Terrieann Torres aka Kueen of Krunk - Struggle. Heart ache. Joy and Metamorphasis. You can't tell me nothing bad about this brave soul. Her story will be told and it will hurt some and bless many. If it's tragic, she has seen it. If it's pain, she has felt it. But no matter what, this lady stands strong and though she may pause... there is never room to stop. She knows this. This woman deserves a crown.


Karma Jonze - You amazing woman. I know you have been through hell, I hurt for you cause I've been there too, but I want you to know that you inspire me. Every time I listen to any one of your records, it doesn't metter which one... your words, your strength... they move me to want to be a better me.


Tina Garcia - You are a gift. Anyone that has met you knows this. Thank you for supporting the arts t